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Regarding posting of public information on internet forums (about the Colin Ferguson car)

Posted by aem7ac on Sun Aug 21 21:07:23 2011


I've heard from various sources time and again that a certain transit agency or other members of the press are watching this forum for information or those who are supplying them.

This is a public forum. It is known that anyone at anytime for any reason may consult this forum to gather information. This includes railfans, their spouses, transit agency officials, the press, politicians, lawyers, etc.

Obviously, if something is public information, then no harm is done by posting them on a public forum. Someone who does that is just repeating public information. In fact, it is better if the person posting said public information could cite a public source, preferably on the internet (so it can be instantly verified) that (a) the information is public, and (b) the information is sourced elsewhere and therefore not "inside" information (whatever that means).

Regarding the Colin Ferguson car, an internet search easily turns up public information regarding the supposed fate of that car:


Quoted here:

Uploaded by DE30415 on Jun 2, 2011

One of the darkest cars in LIRR history leads train 2016 out of Mineola. I'm not sure of it is visible on this side of the car, but there were signs of gunshot holes on one side. I wouldn't want to run that car..

Interesting fact: My aunt was on the that train and witnessed the people running from the car.

MrBrownhornet1974 2 days ago
they actually changed the car numbers. it was a different number. the original numbers of that pair were 9891 and 9892

LIRRFAN 2 months ago
imagine this running 1256 on December 7th, 2013

Obviously, if you have access to "inside" information (which, by the way, I don't), you should not be posting it here unless you intend for the press or anyone else to find it. But if you have information that is already public due to other reasons (e.g., from a press account, or gathered from a document that you've bought at a railroad museum or from eBay), well then, it is public information. If it's accurate, you shouldn't have any issues with posting it. (If you know it's not accurate, then it is kind of a grey area--but usually if you can cite a source, then it is likely to be halfways accurate.)

Enough from me.


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