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Re: J train extended to Bay Parkway?

Posted by Michael549 on Fri Apr 15 17:51:44 2011, in response to Re: J train extended to Bay Parkway?, posted by Joe V on Fri Apr 15 16:43:50 2011.

From a previous message: "How much more equipment would it require ? For example, the trains out of ENY in the PM rush would not turn back at Broad Street, so other trains would have to be put in from somewhere. I think the Bay Pkwy service would have to be bi-directional to work."

Each question one at a time.

1) I am not sure how many "J-Special" trains would be needed. I am really not that good with subway train time schedules, so I'll defer to others skilled at that. It could be that some of the "J-Special" trains may have to run "in both directions" simply to be economical with the train sets.

Note that what I'm calling the "J-Specials" are those J-trains that run to/from Bay Parkway. WHILE those trains are running for the 1.5 hours or so of service along the West End line, regular J and Z trains travel as usual to/from Broad Street and Jamaica Center. I'm suggesting to not change the regular operation of normal J and Z trains.

2) Yes the "J-Special" trains do not turn back at Broad Street, in that sense that are like the old M-trains - they are simply passing through the Broad Street station. The Broad Street station is capable of handling terminating trains and through trains - it has done so for decades.

3) The "J-Special" service to/from Bay Parkway may have to turn out to be "bi-directional" in the sense of being economical with the train sets. Years/decades ago there was an old "QB" operation on the Brighton Line where rush hour only QB trains ran toward 57th Street in the am rush hours, and toward Coney Island in the pm rush hours.

The "J-Specials" could be something like the old QB operation - at least on paper and schedule wise. Then M and the QB trains were the Brighton locals operating out of Coney Island, while D trains were the Brighton Express out of Brighton Beach. Then the M-train was the "normal hours" weekdays Brighton local, and the QB was the additional rush hour special service along the Manhattan Broadway express line and the Brighton local line.

As a teenager the QB operation fascinated me, when I would read the subway maps. At least on the subway maps at the time - they seemed to suggest that during the am rush hours there was no Brooklyn-bound QB trains leaving Manhattan. Or in the evening, that some how the 57th Street station was capable of producing the amount of QB trains needed for the pm rush hours.

At the time - this seemed like magic - until I found some very interesting subway time schedules that were produced for the public. I studied those schedules. It turned out that the am QB trains were M-trains re-routed up to 57th Street, and that the pm QB trains were R-trains from Astoria re-routed to Brighton Beach. Or a combination of both, until some time later when QB-labeled trains operated in both directions for the rush hours - by then the mystery was gone. :(

Using the Bay Parkway and Broadway East New York - Eastern Parkway stations as the terminals and yard lay-up places for these "J-Special" trains seems like a do-able situation that does not "clog up the line". Attempting to use Essex Street, Broad Street or another terminal in this kind of operation seems not well advised.

Just my thoughts.


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