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Re: I hope this low-income housing project fvcks with liberals

Posted by Nilet on Sun Apr 6 17:34:18 2014, in response to Re: I hope this low-income housing project fvcks with liberals, posted by Olog-hai on Sun Apr 6 17:13:43 2014.

You feel bad about being a bad liar?

You're the one who is denying what can be trivially linked.

A claim about a claim is not the claim you're claiming it to be. Someone coming out and saying blah blah blah blah blah

It's a strictly binary affairó either the Bible is historical or it isn't. Opposing one necessarily entails support for the other. Spider-Pig said that it isn't historical; you called him a "Nazi" which generally implies that you think he's wrong.

So which is it? Are you claiming the Nazis were right? Or are you just invoking the Olog Rule and claiming that opposing all possibilities except one does not diminish your right to oppose that one too.

As noted, the tantrum continues.

SubTalk didn't close because of me, BTW. It closed because of the libs posting multifarious political threads on the main board (which I never participated in back then) and Mr. Pirmann didn't feel like creating an OTTalk board to accommodate them.

Yuh huh.

Links or it didn't happen.


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