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Re: I hope this low-income housing project fvcks with liberals

Posted by Nilet on Tue Apr 8 20:47:53 2014, in response to Re: I hope this low-income housing project fvcks with liberals, posted by AlM on Tue Apr 8 15:41:25 2014.

I don't see anybody jumping to conclusions here.

Fact 1: The filter exists.
Fact 2: Larry must have put it there.
Fact 3: Larry probably wouldn't do it unless it benefits him or he is asked to.
Fact 4: Terrapin does benefit from the filter.
Fact 5: Terrapin did not express any surprise when the filter was discovered.

That Terrapin asked for the filter to be installed is a reasonable conclusion to draw; it's there, it benefits him, it does not clearly benefit Larry, and he clearly knew about its existence long before anyone else knew it was here.

Then of course, there was the Nostalgia Trip on which Terrapin, completely out of the blue, accused me of "betraying" him; this was the first time our relationship was anything but friendly, and the start of the pointless spats we now have on SubChat. I've been struggling at length to figure out exactly what I did to "betray" him, as he never said, and the only thing I can think of is that it was because I posted his name.

If that's true, then it means he's vehement about keeping his name off the board, and further strengthens the hypothesis that he asked for it to be installed.

However, as noted, I'm the science-oriented oneó part of that requires testing my hypothesis as rigourously as possible, which is why I have been asking Terrapin to provide contrary evidence.

Since he has repeatedly failed to do so, I consider my hypothesis to have passed peer review and become worthy of provisional acceptance and publication in an appropriate forum (namely, SubChat).


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