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Re: Will Queens Bus Redesign really speed things up?

Posted by BrooklynBus on Thu May 23 12:06:56 2019, in response to Re: Will Queens Bus Redesign really speed things up?, posted by WMATAGMOAGH on Thu May 9 13:49:12 2019.

1. Yes your experience. This is coming from someone who wasn't aware NYC has parking meters.

3. The point wasn't that removing your stop causes you to walk longer to the next stop, but increases the likelihood of you missing the next bus adding 10 or 20 minutes to your trip by having to walk further. You say I should just leave home earlier. So why just don't we reduce the frequency of all bus service. It won't matter. You will just have to leave home a little earlier. Or should I only be the one who should have to leave home earlier?

4. That assumes every bus carries 60 people. That is the difference between us. You deal with theory and I care about what is actuallly happening.

5. SBS was started because it was assumed it would be better utilized because the service it provides is somehow superior. The FACT that bus usage on most SBS routes is declining proves it is not as superior as was claimed. If it is declining more or less isn't the issue. It was supposed to increase patronage.

6. That's correct. Either it makes a profit or it doesn't. And when all costs are considered, SBS does not make a profit but is more expensive to operate than conventional service. So why should be continue to expand SBS, when resources are so scarce and ridership is not increasing on most SBS routes? Why not use our scarce resources to provide better service on routes that are cheaper to operate? And of course costs were not a factor because SBS is one big hoax.

7. How do you conclude that eliminating my bus stop increased the average bus speed by one mph? The fact is the stops were so lightly utilized that only about ten buses per day had to make both stops (the stop that was eliminated and the adjacent stop) on the same trip. So virtually no time was saved at all by eliminating that single stop. All it did was inconvenience the few riders who used the stop.


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