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Re: Tuscarora Almanac for January 1

Posted by IRTRedbirdR33 on Mon Jan 1 14:20:31 2018, in response to Re: Tuscarora Almanac for January 1, posted by New Flyer #857 on Mon Jan 1 09:41:28 2018.

New Flyer

The bus to subway transfer points that existed prior to January 1990 were as follows;
The Bronx: Gun Hill Road, 3rd Avenue-149th Street and 161st Street-River Avenue to and from the Bx-55 3rd Avenue Limited.
Brooklyn: Marcy Avenue-Broadway between the subway and the B-24 bus. The transfer was valid on the bus only between Marcy Avenue and Kent Avenue.
Myrtle Avenue-Broadway between the subway the B-54 Myrtle Avenue bus to and from Jay Street.
Rockaway Parkway-Canarsie to and from the B-42 Rockaway Parkway bus.
9th Avenue (BMT West End) and Church Avenue (IND South Broklyn) to and from the B-35 Church Avenue bus.
The transfers to the Bx-55 and the B-35 were continuous. You could transfer from the subway to the Bx-55 at Gun Hill Road and back to the subway at 161st Street or 149th Street for a single fare. The B-35 had a similar procedure.

The subway-bus transfers at High Street and Jay Street were more complicated and are described below.
Tuscarora Dispatch No 15

Bus and Subway Transfers at Jay Street and High Street

The operation of BMT el trains across the Brooklyn Bridge came to an end on March 5, 1944 and the remaining el lines were cut back to a new terminal called Bridge-Jay Streets. Transfers were issued to and from the BMT trolley cars running across the bridge to Park Row.

Trolley cars ceased operating across the bridge on March 6, 1950. A transfer was established for surface lines at the Brooklyn end of the bridge to the IND High Street Station.

A transfer was also established between the BMT Bridge-Jay Streets Station and the IND Jay Street Station.
In both cases the transfers from surface lines and the el trains indicated that they were valid on the IND only as far as Broadway - Nassau Street.

Passengers going from Manhattan to Brooklyn would request transfer upon exiting from the railroad clerk at High Street for the surface lines or at Jay Street for the el lines.

Sometime in the middle 1950's the TA began to restrict this transfer privilege. Beginning on June 25, 1956 the transfers to the bus lines formerly issued at High Street would now be issued only at Broadway - Nassau Street to someone buying a token.

Three months later on September 15, 1956 the transfer to the el lines formerly issued at Jay Street would now be issued only at Broadway - Nassau Street to someone buying a token.

This privilege was further restricted on January 1, 1957 when transfer from the el to the subway would only be issued by railroad clerks at stations between Sumner Avenue and Navy Street to passengers buying a token and requesting one. At nights and all day Sunday there were no agents on duty at these stations and fares were collected on the train by the conductor. During these times the railroad clerk at Bridge-Jay Streets issued the transfer. Presumably at this time the transfers to the el trains issued at Broadway - Nassau Street began bearing the legend "valid only for a continuing ride for stations from Navy Street to Sumner Avenue."

The Myrtle Avenue El was discontinued south of Broadway (Brooklyn) on October 4, 1969 its replacement was the B-54 Myrtle Avenue bus. The transfer privilege to and from the IND at Jay Street was retained presumably with the same restrictions.

The bus transfer privileges established at High Street on March 6, 1950 were to five routes; B-57, B-62, B-67, B-69 and B-75. On February 7, 1988 the B-67 and B-75 were re-routed and the transfer point for these two routes was moved to Jay Street.

On January 1, 1990 the TA discontinued all but two subway to bus transfer points. The two exceptions were at Rockaway Parkway to the B-42 and at 3rd Avenue - 149th Street to the Bx-55.

It should be noted that no sooner did the TA discontinue most of the subway-bus transfer points then they established another. The late night No. 3 Lenox Terminal Shuttle was discontinued on August 5, 1990.
A free transfer was issued to a Route 3 Shuttle Bus running between 135th Street-Lenox Avenue and 148th Street with a stop at 145th Street. The free transfer was also valid on the M-7 and M-102 buses.

Larry, Redbird R33


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