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Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter.

Posted by R30A on Tue Jan 31 20:00:22 2017, in response to Re: Pedestrians aren't the only ones who matter., posted by BrooklynBus on Tue Jan 31 16:03:55 2017.

Because saying nothing is avoiding answering the question and that is bad.
When there is no answer, questions should not be answered.
Why don't you just let him speak for himself?
He did. You just repeatedly misunderstand him and others.

And now you go changing the parameters again as you often do when you realize you can't prove your case. Now you only want to talk about portions of the roadway instead of the entire roadway.
Not changing any parameters.

Me: Now you are making an equally outrageous statement that the numbers of autos are inflated because many cars make multiple trips up and down the street while bus riders tend to make only one trip each way.

You: I am making no such claim.

Me: So what are you claiming then?

I am claiming you have no applicable data. I do not claim to have data that I do not have.

You: Wrong. Each mile you drive cost you more gas.
Generally yes, unless you have an all electric car.
Me: Wrong about what? I never claimed anything to the contrary.

The Wrong was from you, so I have no idea what you are trying to say here

Me: Got any other ideas why 50,000 car crossings is not more than 33,000 bus riders?

You: Nobody is saying that it is.

Me: That is exactly what fdtutf was saying.

No it isn't

Me: That certainly is relevant data. So don't lie and say I am basing my conclusions on no data.

You: Actually it isn't, as it gives you no real information outside of that location.

Me: So either you accuse me of having no data, and when I do provide data, you just claim it is irrelevant. There is no way to bw right when arguing with you. Because all your opinions are facts and all my facts are just wrong opinions. And when you cant refute an argument, you just deny making the argument in the first place. That us why trying to have honest discussions with you is not possible and trying to have them is a waste of time.

Most people I deal with are perfectly capable of having honest discussions with me. That is because most people I deal with are honest, unlike yourself.

You: 20% Bus users getting 1/4 lanes is certainly the most equitable distribution of resources. Congrats! You justified it!!!
Me: Your arithmetic is simplistic and off. 20% of the users (bus users) getting 25% of the space is not equitable.

Considering that 4 lanes must be allocated in multiples of 25%, it is the most equitable way to allocate lanes.

It means cars get less space than they have now so traffic has to move slower unless significant numbers switch from car to bus and we have zero reason to believe that would be the case.
Capacity is not directly related to speed.
Even DOT has not claimed anyone will switch from car to bus just because of SBS.
They have not claimed otherwise either.
It also assumes that the proportion of car and bus users remains the same through out the day which certainly is not the case.

During midday, evenings and most weekends, the proportion of those in autos compared to those in buses reaches 95%, yet they still are allowed to use only 80% of the roadway.
By now you should realize, I am not going to let your bullshit fabricated statistics go without being challenged.

During off-hours the average bus has like 15 passengers or less, yet you would like us to believe that every bus carries 60 people.
More fabrications from Mr. Rosen!

But at least I am making some headway. I finally got you to admit that 80 percent of the traffic is drivers and car passengers and only 20% are bus riders.

I have never admitted such. I see no reason to assume such is true.

Me:I can just as easily twist what you say if I wanted to. So thanks for proving my case for me that SBS is a poor idea by hurting more than it helps.
You: Except that unlike you, I never actually said the things you say I do. And since Woodhaven SBS is projected to HELP THE 80% IN CARS. That is a REALLY hard argument to make.
Me: Yes, whenever you can't provide justification for your argument after I have shown you how ridiculous some of your claims are, you just backtrack and claim never to have made the argument in the first place.

I have not backtracked. I have not changed my claims.

Why not just admit you were wrong? That will be the day. Because you believe you are never wrong.
I wasn't. I will never claim I am always right, but I have never seen myself be incorrect in disputing a claim of yours.

And yes DOT can claim all they want SBS will help those in cars and they will be wrong as they often are.
But there is no reason to assume so.

We have already seen traffic congestion increase and it will continue to increase.
I am just glad I no longer need to use the street on a daily basis.

My trips used to average 45 minutes to an hour. Today those same trips take 55 to 70 minutes.

After SBS, it will be more like 65 or 70 minutes up tp 90 minutes, the same as a subway trip takes me during the day.
More BrooklynBus NumbersfromtheRectum!

So yes, if we keep slowing traffic to the point where using mass transit is just as slow, some will start switching to mass transit. Is that the plan you endorse?
There is no reason to assume it will reduce car speed.

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