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Tuscarora Almanac for June 13

Posted by IRTRedbirdR33 on Wed Jun 13 13:21:33 2018

Tuscarora Almanac – June 13, 1897 – The Book of First Runs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fairmount Park Trolley

The Fairmount Park Trolley begins operation across the Schuylkill River on the Strawberry Mansion Bridge.

Source: “Philadelphia Trolleys in Color”, Volume II, (Morning Sun Books /1998) by Mr. William D. Volkmer

Tuscarora Almanac – June 13, 1915 – The Book of First Runs

The first inspection and test run is made of the IRT Steinway Tunnel between Grand Central Terminal and Vernon Avenue, Queens with new "Steinway" cars. Passenger service follows on June 22. The first batch of 12 "Steinway" motors are built by Pullman, numbered 4025-4036 and operate in shuttle service between the two stations.

Ed.Note: This article was written by Mr. Kevin Wong

Tuscarora Almanac – June 13, 1925 – The Book of First and Last Runs

Westchester County, New York
Third Avenue Railway System

Buses replace streetcars on the Central Park Avenue and West Mount Vernon Streetcar Lines in Westchester County.
The streetcars had been run by the Third Avenue Railway System. Buses will be operated by the Yonkers Railroad Company.

Source: New York Division Bulletin /January 1993, article by Mr. Bernard Linder

Tuscarora Almanac - June 13, 1942 - The Book of Last Runs

Manhattan and Queens, New York
New York City Board of Transportation
IRT Division

The Board of Transportation discontinues service on the remaining sections of the 2nd Avenue Elevated Line.

The following services ended on this day.

1) Operation of 2nd Avenue El trains on the IRT-BMT Flushing Line between Willets Point Boulevard and Queensboro Plaza.

2) Operation of 2nd Avenue El trains on the IRT-BMT Astoria Line between Ditmars Boulevard and Queensboro Plaza.

Service on both of the above lines will be continued by IRT subway trains and BMT El car shuttles.

3) Operation and abandonment on the Queensborough Bridge Line between Queensboro Bridge Line between Queensboro Plaza and 57th Street - 2nd Avenue.

4) Operation of 2nd Avenue El trains on the 3rd Avenue Line between Chatham Square and South Ferry. Service to these stations will be continued by 3rd Avenue El trains.

5) Operation and abandonment of the 2nd Avenue Line between 57th Street and City Hall. The following stations are closed: 57th Street, 50th Street, 42nd Street, 34th Street, 23rd Street, 19th Street, 14th Street, 8th Street, First Street, Rivington Street, Grand Street, and Canal Street, Chatham Square and City Hall (Upper Level). Also abandoned was Chatham Square (Lower Level) on the mainline to South Ferry. Service to both Chatham Square and City Hall (Lower Level) will continue to be provided by 3rd Avenue El trains.

The track layout and platforms at Chatham Square were confusing and bear some explanation. There were Chatham Square stations on both the South Ferry and City Hall branches. Each of these stations was served by both the 2nd and 3rd Avenue Els.

The Chatham Square Station on the South Ferry Branch was a two level station with a single island platform and two tracks on each level. The upper level was served by the 3rd Avenue El while the lower level was served by the 2nd Avenue El. The actual junction of the two lines was some distance south just north of Franklin Square Station.

Both the el lines had stations at Chatham Square and City Hall on the City Hall Branch.
Although they shared the stations there was no track connection between the two els at these locations. At Chatham Square (C.H. Branch) there were two single island platforms each with two tracks side by side. The 3rd Avenue trains used the north platform and tracks while the 2nd Avenue El used the south platform and tracks. At City Hall there were two levels each with two tracks, one center platform and two side platforms. 2nd Avenue El trains used the upper level while 3rd Avenue El trains used the lower level.
Again there was no track connection between the two els lines at this point. If a transfer move was necessary the train would operate to Franklin Square on the South Ferry Branch where there was a trailing point switch south of the station. This switch was removed on October 13, 1942.
(For a modern day parallel see the operations of the BMT Culver and Brighton Lines at Coney Island and West 8th Street.)

The final run was made by a six car trains of MUDC's. It left from South Ferry at about 9:30 PM and arrived at Astoria at 10:22 PM. The consist was 1763, 1779, 1664, 1801, 1759 and 1770. (This information was provided by Mr. Karl F. Groh who was a passenger on that train.)

1) New York Division Bulletin / October, 1992, article by Mr. Bernard Linder
2) "Farewell to the Second Avenue Elevated", July, 1990, article by Mr. Karl F. Groh
3) "New York El Lines 1867 / 1955", Electric Railroad No. 25, December, 1956
4) "The Tracks of New York, Number 3" by Mr. Alan Kahn and Mr. Jack May.

Larry, RedbirdR33

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