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Tuscarora Alamanc for February 18

Posted by IRTRedbirdR33 on Sat Feb 18 08:13:57 2017


Tuscarora Almanac - February 18, 1903 - The Book of First Runs

Manhattan, New York
Manhattan Railway Company

Electric trains begin running on the 9th Avenue El between 155th Street and South Ferry.

Source: New York Division Bulletin /May 1994, Mr. Bernard Linder

Tuscarora Almanac – February 18, 1942 – The Book of Wrecks

Illinois Central Railroad
Plato Center, Illinois

The brand new two car ACF Motorailer train set known as the “Land O’Corn” is badly damaged in a grade crossing accident with a tractor-trailer.
The engineer is killed and nearly two dozen passengers are injured. The train set is returned to the American Car & Foundry plant in Berwick, Pennsylvania. It will be rebuilt and placed into service on the Susquehanna Railroad.

Source: “Illinois Central Through Passenger Service in Color” (Morning Sun Books /2016) by Mr. Greg Stout

Tuscarora Almanac - February 18, 1980 - The Book of First Runs

San Francisco, California
San Francisco Municipal Railway

The following article was written by Mr. Peter Ehrlich (Milantram)
On this date in 1980, the San Francisco Municipal Railway began Muni Metro subway service, with its N-Judah line operating in the top level of the two-level Market Street Subway (BART served the lower level tubes), instead of the Market Street surface tracks.

The N was the first of the five existing streetcar lines to be converted to Boeing LRV operation, but on weekdays (and holidays that fall on weekdays) only. This move freed up enough PCCs to cover the four remaining lines with plenty of spare cars now available. Before this, many runs were held in because of lack of operable PCCs.

The five stations that opened for Muni Metro service this day were Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, Civic Center and Van Ness.

Gradually, more lines started running into the subway (again, weekdays only), and three of the remaining four stations (Church, Castro and West Portal) opening in June 1980. The existing Forest Hill continued to stay open, served by weekday and weekend PCCs, and LRVs in low-floor mode pending rebuilding as a high-platform station. The last conversion took place 16 months later, in June 1981.

Weekend service on all five lines (no M service on Sundays) would continue with PCCs until September 19, 1982. Full 7-day Muni Metro service wouldn't start until November 1982.

Source: The People's Railway, by Perles and McKane: Inside Muni, by McKane and Perles; San Francisco's F-Line, by Peter Ehrlich; Muni's web site (www.sfmta.com); and other sources.

MIlantram (Peter Ehrlich)

Tuscarora Almanac – February 18, 1984 – The Book of Last Runs

MaBSTOA discontinues service on the Bx-21 Bronx-Astoria Line.

Source: New York Division Bulletin /January 1988, article by Mr. Bernard Linder

Larry, RedbirdR33

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Re: Tuscarora Alamanc for February 18

Posted by Steve B-8AVEXP on Sat Feb 18 10:48:22 2017, in response to Tuscarora Alamanc for February 18, posted by IRTRedbirdR33 on Sat Feb 18 08:13:57 2017.

I rode on a J line PCC streetcar on Market St. in San Francisco on June 12, 1981, just before the J line went underground. The return trip didn't fare well; the car broke down and we were discharged a few blocks from where I had planned to get off.

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