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Re: BART cop never committed murder

Posted by Nilet on Sun Nov 7 19:33:28 2010, in response to Re: BART cop never committed murder, posted by Broadway Lion on Sun Nov 7 11:50:34 2010.

Nilet RailroadIt's hard to notice white privilege if you have it; there's a reason it's often called the "invisible knapsack." That's because white privilege isn't about affirmative advantages that you have; it's about disadvantages that you don't have.

Basically, white privilege is the unfair advantages given to white people as a result of piling unfair disadvantages on everyone else. You're not entitled to anything special because you have less pigmented skin, but if people with darker skin are unfairly excluded from the job you want, you gain an advantage by not having to compete with people just as qualified (or potentially more so).

The fact that you can walk into a store secure in the knowledge that security won't follow you around and harass you the whole time on the basis that anyone of your race is probably there to shoplift is an example of white privilege. The fact that you're never asked to speak on behalf of your race is an example of white privilege. The fact that you can screw up without people attributing it to the inherent deficiency of your race is an example of white privilege. And the fact that you don't have to notice the race of most victims of police shootings because it isn't yours is an example of white privilege.

White privilege is a term used to describe the systemic racism that plagues our society. It doesn't mean nobody with darker skin can ever be successful, and it doesn't require white people to be openly racist; white privilege can be sustained merely by white people ignoring it, and doesn't require the Council of Conservative Citizens to openly advocate on behalf of white supremacy.

And the fact that you can believe black people "read more into race than they should" is an example of white privilege too.

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