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Re: BART cop gets away with murder

Posted by The Flxible Neofan on Sat Nov 6 17:50:27 2010, in response to BART cop gets away with murder, posted by Dand124 on Fri Nov 5 20:18:40 2010.

It's things like this why there are (sadly) many people (mostly black and hispanic people) who either don't like, don't trust, or feel uncomfortable around the police. It's reasons like this why people (again, mostly black and hispanic people) don't come forward to work with the police and report a crime. Reasons like this are why many people don't have faith in the law.

I believe that Mehersle didn't maliciously plan on whipping out a gun to kill Oscar. However, his carelessness with his weapon and irresponsibility to appropriately handle a weapon lead to the needless loss of a life, destroying a family, killing a little girls father...the life of a man who oh so conveniently fits the description of so many criminals on the road. A young black man.

It makes me shudder in fear to think of all the officers out there, armed with guns and tasers, walking along the streets. If caught in a scuffle, one misinterpreted move, even walk secured, could end a life where people can say "oops" and get a slap on the wrist. This doesn't happen to "normal folk" that can't afford excellent representation. This verdict sent a VERY bad message to at least the black community, perhaps the Hispanic community as well.

This verdict disgusts me. In a world where people rush to try children as adults, I'm appalled that the verdict was so light, and going for the minimum sentence...wow.


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