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***2009 Annual Subway Ridership Statistics***

Posted by Concourse Express on Thu Feb 25 19:03:36 2010

For those of you who are interested, I have obtained annual subway ridership data for the year 2009. I will post them in the manner I received them - organized by trunk line. Also, I will add the percent change (to two decimal places) from the year 2008.

As expected, due to the recession, ridership is down in many areas; overall subway ridership is down 2.71% and the average change in ridership per station is -1.85%. Some areas, however, actually saw ridership increases; these areas may surprise you!

Without further ado, here are the numbers!!

Trunk LineSubway Station 2009 Ridership% Change from 2008
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)Wall St (2,3)7,103,567-1.48%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)Rector St (1)2,331,905+2.19%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD) Cortlandt St (1)0*-
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)Chambers St (1,2,3)5,867,390 +6.65%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD) Franklin St (1)1,660,670-4.56%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)Canal St (1)1,699,577 -1.79%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)Houston St (1) 3,910,500+0.12%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)Christopher St-Sheridan Sq (1)3,482,575+0.10%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)18 St (1) 2,407,729-2.02%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)23 St (1)4,516,335-2.14%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)28 St (1)3,783,842+2.82%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)34 St-Penn Station (1,2,3) 27,196,195-4.05%
Broadway/7 Ave. (CBD)50 St (1)7,477,965 -7.02%
Broadway/7 Ave. (Non-CBD)66 St-Lincoln Center (1)6,714,696-5.30%
Broadway/7 Ave. (Non-CBD)72 St (1,2,3) 11,924,279+0.47%
Broadway/7 Ave. (Non-CBD)79 St (1)5,148,529-2.59%
Broadway/7 Ave. (Non-CBD)86 St (1) 6,040,177-0.93%
Broadway/7 Ave. (Non-CBD)96 St (1,2,3)11,019,564-3.88%
Upper Broadway103 St (1)4,419,549-0.62%
Upper BroadwayCathedral Pkwy-110 St (1) 4,359,005-0.70%
Upper Broadway116 St-Columbia University (1)4,870,652-0.85%
Upper Broadway125 St (1)2,402,477 -1.73%
Upper Broadway137 St-City College (1)4,523,575-2.06%
Upper Broadway 145 St (1)3,128,091-1.98%
Upper Broadway157 St (1)3,251,747-0.11%
Upper Broadway181 St (1)3,551,740 -5.64%
Upper Broadway191 St (1) 2,432,768-5.05%
Upper BroadwayDyckman St (1) 2,406,407-4.04%
Upper Broadway207 St (1)1,919,631+0.65%
Upper Broadway215 St (1)635,361 +6.34%
Upper BroadwayMarble Hill-225 St (1)1,851,554-2.95%
Upper Broadway231 St (1)2,669,185-3.02%
Upper Broadway238 St (1)1,094,292 -5.99%
Upper BroadwayVan Cortlandt Park-242 St (1)1,925,846-2.45%
Lenox Ave. Central Park North-110 St (2,3)2,537,204 +4.46%
Lenox Ave.116 St (2,3)3,281,869+3.97%
Lenox Ave.125 St (2,3)4,514,621+3.95%
Lenox Ave. 135 St (2,3)4,022,802+1.99%
Lenox Ave.145 St (3)878,906+6.40%
Lenox Ave.Harlem-148 St (3)1,003,481 +3.08%
Lexington Ave. (CBD)Bowling Green (4,5)7,931,319-2.68%
Lexington Ave. (CBD)Wall St (4,5)6,333,204 -3.37%
Lexington Ave. (CBD)Spring St (6) 3,539,095-5.26%
Lexington Ave. (CBD)Astor Place (6)5,522,077-6.04%
Lexington Ave. (CBD)23 St (6)8,914,123 -3.52%
Lexington Ave. (CBD)28 St (6)6,548,905-3.00%
Lexington Ave. (CBD)33 St (6)8,958,763-5.53%
Lexington Ave. (Non-CBD)68 St-Hunter College (6)10,311,822-2.33%
Lexington Ave. (Non-CBD)77 St (6)10,762,089 -1.76%
Lexington Ave. (Non-CBD)86 St (4,5,6) 18,891,890-2.78%
Lexington Ave. (Non-CBD)96 St (6)7,391,483-1.06%
Lexington Ave. (Non-CBD)103 St (6)4,631,356+1.26%
Lexington Ave. (Non-CBD)110 St (6)3,668,518+1.17%
Lexington Ave. (Non-CBD)116 St (6)4,849,246 +1.06%
Lexington Ave. (Non-CBD)125 St (4,5,6) 8,710,718+0.33%
Jerome Ave.138 St-Grand Concourse (4,5)887,662+2.69%
Jerome Ave.167 St (4) 2,892,398+0.57%
Jerome Ave.170 St (4)2,831,174 +3.51%
Jerome Ave.Mt Eden Av (4) 1,766,092+9.88%
Jerome Ave.176 St (4)1,378,480-14.07%
Jerome Ave.Burnside Av (4)3,408,080+5.12%
Jerome Ave.183 St (4)1,913,656 +2.64%
Jerome Ave. Fordham Rd (4) 3,760,364+3.22%
Jerome Ave.Kingsbridge Rd (4)2,892,922+5.04%
Jerome Ave.Bedford Park Blvd-Lehman College (4) 1,735,029+0.88%
Jerome Ave.Mosholu Pkwy (4)2,794,992+10.07%
Jerome Ave.Woodlawn (4)2,194,906+6.99%
White Plains Rd.3 Av-149 St (2,5) 7,411,343 +0.24%
White Plains Rd. Jackson Av (2,5)1,558,808-2.61%
White Plains Rd.Prospect Av (2,5)2,282,752 -2.26%
White Plains Rd.Intervale Av (2,5) 870,466+0.01%
White Plains Rd. Simpson St (2,5)2,874,093-3.38%
White Plains Rd.Freeman St (2,5)1,204,838 +4.72%
White Plains Rd.174 St (2,5)2,127,174-1.50%
White Plains Rd.West Farms Sq-East Tremont Av (2,5) 2,314,557-2.18%
White Plains Rd. East 180 St (2,5)2,049,824+0.41%
White Plains Rd.Bronx Park East (2,5)865,492-1.66%
White Plains Rd.Pelham Pkwy (2,5)2,585,393+2.80%
White Plains Rd.Allerton Av (2,5)1,661,132+2.22%
White Plains Rd.Burke Av (2,5) 1,047,238-0.07%
White Plains Rd. Gun Hill Rd (2,5)1,928,697+3.45%
White Plains Rd.219 St (2,5)957,529+3.31%
White Plains Rd.225 St (2,5)1,191,808+1.54%
White Plains Rd.233 St (2,5)1,508,683+1.58%
White Plains Rd.Nereid Av (2,5) 924,584 -0.54%
White Plains Rd.Wakefield-241 St (2)1,340,643-0.31%
Dyre Ave.Morris Park (5)524,382 -8.05%
Dyre Ave.Pelham Pkwy (5) 832,968-4.32%
Dyre Ave. Gun Hill Rd (5) 1,675,952-7.80%
Dyre Ave. Baychester Av (5)1,045,547-10.50%
Dyre Ave.Eastchester-Dyre Av (5) 1,186,603 -5.21%
Pelham3 Av-138 St (6) 2,222,695+2.92%
PelhamBrook Av (6)1,800,008-6.01%
PelhamCypress Av (6)1,082,788-4.71%
PelhamEast 143 St-St Mary's St (6) 239,458-9.57%
PelhamEast 149 St (6)1,335,234-4.16%
Pelham Longwood Av (6)982,290-5.80%
PelhamHunts Point Av (6)3,244,240-0.33%
Pelham Whitlock Av (6)480,146+1.02%
PelhamElder Av (6) 2,050,983-1.26%
PelhamMorrison Av-Soundview (6)1,982,168-2.14%
PelhamSt Lawrence Av (6)1,284,770-0.95%
PelhamParkchester (6)4,691,478 -0.62%
PelhamCastle Hill Av (6) 2,036,025-5.56%
Pelham Zerega Av (6)713,198-3.19%
PelhamWestchester Square-E Tremont Av (6)1,828,155 -2.94%
PelhamMiddletown Rd (6)523,950-0.50%
PelhamBuhre Av (6)883,232-0.63%
Pelham Pelham Bay Park (6)1,946,139+0.73%
Broadway-60 St.Rector St (R,W)2,662,135-12.77%
Broadway-60 St.Cortlandt St (R,W)125,457**
Broadway-60 St.City Hall (R,W)2,974,836-7.19%
Broadway-60 St.Prince St (N,R,W)4,856,796 -2.31%
Broadway-60 St.8 St-New York University (N,R,W)5,414,133-1.01%
Broadway-60 St.23 St (N,R,W)5,736,345-2.60%
Broadway-60 St.28 St (N,R,W) 2,931,184-2.66%
Broadway-60 St.49 St (N,R,W)7,817,461-3.57%
Broadway-60 St.Midtown-57 St-7 Av (N,Q,R,W) 8,766,257-4.01%
Broadway-60 St.5 Av-59 St (N,R,W)5,582,248-4.83%
Nassau St.Broad St (J,M,Z) 1,795,906-3.80%
Nassau St.Bowery (J,M,Z) 1,051,028+12.04%
14 St.3 Av (L)1,886,833+3.39%
14 St. 1 Av (L)6,490,329+4.65%
6 Ave.Grand St (B,D)7,767,488-1.88%
6 Ave.East Broadway (F)4,042,581 -5.59%
6 Ave.Lower East Side-2 Av (F,V) 5,734,200-1.90%
6 Ave.23 St (F,V) 7,161,707-5.33%
6 Ave. 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Center (B,D,F,V)15,977,449 -8.58%
8 Ave.Canal St (A,C,E) 5,331,572-3.72%
8 Ave.Spring St (C,E)3,223,654-5.16%
8 Ave.23 St (C,E)6,819,642-3.41%
8 Ave.34 St-Penn Station (A,C,E) 24,182,097 -7.04%
8 Ave.50 St (C,E)5,543,164 -7.83%
53 St.7 Av (B,D,E) 4,121,196-6.50%
53 St.5 Av-53 St (E,V)6,636,192-11.38%
63 St.(Manhattan)57 St (F)4,237,742-7.06%
63 St.(Manhattan)Lexington Av-63 St (F) 3,989,743+0.97%
63 St.(Manhattan)Roosevelt Island (F)1,875,228-2.81%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W.72 St (B,C) 2,670,067-2.92%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W.81 St-Museum of Natural History (B,C)4,034,001 -0.98%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W.86 St (B,C)3,139,359-4.54%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W. 96 St (B,C)2,559,373-0.94%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W.103 St (B,C)1,524,460-4.71%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W.Cathedral Pkwy-110 St (B,C) 2,038,519-2.57%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W.116 St (B,C)1,838,683 -0.61%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W.125 St (A,B,C,D)7,872,649-1.42%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W.135 St (B,C) 1,428,140-2.69%
8 Ave./Central Pk. W.145 St (A,B,C,D) 6,446,603-2.36%
Washington Heights 155 St (C)710,556-3.93%
Washington Heights163 St-Amsterdam Av (C) 1,142,625 -2.10%
Washington Heights175 St (A) 3,500,536-2.93%
Washington Heights181 St (A)2,877,894+0.04%
Washington Heights190 St (A)1,177,378+0.17%
Washington HeightsDyckman St (A) 1,681,370-0.97%
Washington Heights Inwood-207 St (A)2,413,925+1.63%
Concourse155 St (B,D)1,199,677+0.01%
Concourse167 St (B,D)2,874,428 -1.58%
Concourse170 St (B,D) 2,014,364-3.73%
Concourse 174-175 Sts (B,D)1,475,159-5.31%
ConcourseTremont Av (B,D)2,702,043-3.88%
Concourse182-183 Sts (B,D) 1,506,398-3.53%
ConcourseFordham Rd (B,D)3,656,618-2.57%
Concourse Kingsbridge Rd (B,D)2,337,672-5.55%
ConcourseBedford Park Blvd (B,D) 1,932,709-2.87%
Concourse Norwood-205 St (D)2,308,963-7.38%
Manhattan CBD TransferSouth Ferry (1)/Whitehall St (R,W)8,823,138+1.90%
Manhattan CBD TransferFulton St (J,M,Z,2,3,4,5)/Bway-Nassau St (A,C)18,845,513-4.88%
Manhattan CBD Transfer Chambers St-WTC (A,C,E)/Park Pl (2,3)14,770,515-7.04%
Manhattan CBD TransferChambers St (J,M,Z)/Bklyn Bridge-City Hall (4,5,6)10,669,147 -0.26%
Manhattan CBD TransferCanal St (J,M,N,Q,R,W,Z,6)15,970,032-2.89%
Manhattan CBD TransferDelancey St (F)/Essex St (J,M,Z)6,297,228+1.51%
Manhattan CBD TransferBroadway-Lafayette St (B,D,F,V)/Bleecker St (6)10,439,953-3.47%
Manhattan CBD TransferWest 4 St (A,B,C,D,E,F,V)12,297,799-2.30%
Manhattan CBD Transfer14 St (A,C,E)/8 Av (L)11,129,412-3.80%
Manhattan CBD Transfer14 St (F,V,1,2,3)/6 Av (L) 15,220,076-0.55%
Manhattan CBD Transfer14 St-Union Square (L,N,Q,R,W,4,5,6)34,245,245-3.66%
Manhattan CBD Transfer34 St-Herald Square (B,D,F,N,Q,R,V,W)36,945,680-5.37%
Manhattan CBD TransferTimes Sq-42 St (N,Q,R,S,W,1,2,3,7)/42 St (A,C,E)58,099,313-4.57%
Manhattan CBD Transfer42 St-Bryant Pk (B,D,F,V)/5 Av (7) 13,502,111-4.92%
Manhattan CBD TransferGrand Central-42 St (S,4,5,6,7)42,002,971-5.82%
Manhattan CBD TransferLexington Av-53 St (E,V)/51 St (6) 18,618,358-9.07%
Manhattan CBD Transfer59 St-Columbus Circle (A,B,C,D,1) 20,418,815 -2.11%
Manhattan CBD TransferLexington Av (N,R,W)/59 St (4,5,6)18,924,005-5.63%
Upper Manh./Bronx Transfer168 St-Washington Heights (A,C,1)7,532,891-2.21%
Upper Manh./Bronx Transfer149 St-Grand Concourse (2,4,5) 3,660,150+5.95%
Upper Manh./Bronx Transfer 161 St-Yankee Stadium (B,D,4)8,410,256 -1.94%
New LotsNew Lots Av (3) 1,781,691-3.19%
New LotsVan Siclen Av (3)956,623-0.20%
New LotsPennsylvania Av (3)1,786,525-4.23%
New LotsJunius St (3)628,879-4.77%
New LotsRockaway Av (3)1,758,538 -3.65%
New LotsSaratoga Av (3)1,663,923-3.28%
New LotsSutter Av-Rutland Rd (3)2,219,406-4.99%
New LotsCrown Heights-Utica Av (3,4)8,330,192-2.84%
New LotsKingston Av (3) 1,450,448-6.12%
New Lots Nostrand Av (3)1,200,968-3.98%
Nostrand Ave.Brooklyn College-Flatbush Av (2,5) 5,951,280 -1.39%
Nostrand Ave. Newkirk Av (2,5)2,298,052-4.38%
Nostrand Ave.Beverly Rd (2,5)1,219,695 -4.09%
Nostrand Ave.Church Av (2,5)2,872,287 -2.61%
Nostrand Ave. Winthrop St (2,5) 2,006,133-0.80%
Nostrand Ave.Sterling St (2,5)1,636,794-2.84%
Nostrand Ave.President St (2,5) 1,044,562-2.01%
Eastern Pkwy. Eastern Pkwy-Brooklyn Museum (2,3)1,557,736 -2.79%
Eastern Pkwy.Grand Army Plaza (2,3) 2,366,786-1.89%
Eastern Pkwy. Bergen St (2,3)1,238,795+0.22%
Eastern Pkwy.Nevins St (2,3,4,5)3,479,130 +0.57%
Eastern Pkwy.Hoyt St (2,3) 1,902,962-1.85%
Eastern Pkwy.Clark St (2,3)1,706,174+4.84%
4 Ave.Bay Ridge-95 St (R)1,700,946-1.85%
4 Ave.86 St (R)3,274,415-2.08%
4 Ave.77 St (R) 1,539,875-2.83%
4 Ave.Bay Ridge Av (R) 2,505,035-1.73%
4 Ave.59 St (N,R) 3,736,347-2.54%
4 Ave.53 St (R)2,382,707-2.88%
4 Ave.45 St (R)2,317,470-1.73%
4 Ave.36 St (D,M,N,R)3,444,333 -3.45%
4 Ave.25 St (M,R)1,179,455 -3.60%
4 Ave.Prospect Av (M,R) 1,860,934-0.86%
4 Ave.Union St (M,R)2,067,255-0.19%
Sea Beach86 St (N)736,775+7.59%
Sea BeachAvenue U (N)1,255,861+12.52%
Sea BeachKings Hwy (N)1,584,172 +3.48%
Sea BeachBay Pkwy (N) 2,090,204+7.73%
Sea Beach20 Av (N) 1,253,690+5.95%
Sea Beach 18 Av (N)1,717,106+6.39%
Sea Beach Fort Hamilton Pkwy (N)1,994,402+0.77%
Sea Beach8 Av (N)3,384,130 +5.86%
West EndBay 50 St (D) 941,332+7.97%
West End25 Av (D)1,329,003-5.35%
West EndBay Pkwy (D,M)2,088,844-6.79%
West End20 Av (D,M)1,419,604-4.70%
West End18 Av (D,M)1,740,190-2.91%
West End79 St (D,M) 1,694,385-4.90%
West End71 St (D,M)1,308,071-8.78%
West End55 St (D,M)577,138-7.97%
West End50 St (D,M)944,314-6.38%
West EndFort Hamilton Pkwy (D,M)1,159,841 -2.45%
West End9 Av (D,M) 1,873,361-4.81%
BrightonOcean Pkwy (Q)973,380+0.40%
Brighton Brighton Beach (B,Q)3,997,205-3.11%
BrightonSheepshead Bay (B,Q)4,361,205 -2.13%
BrightonNeck Rd (B,Q) 954,832-18.56%***
BrightonAvenue U (B,Q)1,829,675-20.86%***
BrightonKings Hwy (B,Q)5,549,765-4.67%
BrightonAvenue M (B,Q)1,661,369 -10.28%***
BrightonAvenue J (B,Q) 1,886,881 -7.12%
Brighton Avenue H (B,Q)819,739-7.65%***
BrightonNewkirk Av (B,Q)2,842,893-9.41%
Brighton Cortelyou Rd (B,Q) 1,879,021-5.34%
BrightonBeverley Rd (B,Q)889,066 -3.10%
Brighton Church Av (B,Q) 4,966,209-4.01%
Brighton Parkside Av (B,Q)1,777,758-4.18%
Brighton 7 Av (B,Q) 3,014,532-1.86%
Franklin Ave.Park Pl (S)715,532-6.76%
Montague St. TunnelLawrence St (M,R)1,483,940-2.03%
CulverNeptune Av (F)480,865-1.98%
CulverAvenue X (F) 833,930-4.95%
CulverAvenue U (F) 673,170-0.72%
CulverKings Hwy (F)1,038,778-6.01%
CulverAvenue P (F) 830,813-7.70%
CulverAvenue N (F) 999,622-6.35%
CulverBay Pkwy (F) 417,087-5.48%
Culver Avenue I (F)725,876-2.09%
Culver 18 Av (F)1,258,172-4.05%
CulverDitmas Av (F)1,398,512-5.39%
CulverChurch Av (F,G)2,908,011 -1.95%
CulverFort Hamilton Pkwy (F,G) 1,468,106-0.45%
Culver15 St-Prospect Park (F,G)1,844,403-0.27%
Culver7 Av (F,G)3,316,537-3.90%
CulverSmith-9 Sts (F,G)1,465,834 +1.82%
CulverCarroll St (F,G)2,995,068-3.05%
CulverBergen St (F,G)3,228,987+1.86%
Culver York St (F)1,913,869+3.17%
RockawayRockaway Park-Beach 116 St (A,S) 267,902-8.82%
RockawayBeach 105 St (A,S)58,588-31.91%****
Rockaway Beach 98 St (A,S)259,501+11.40%
Rockaway Beach 90 St (A,S)344,465 -16.31%****
RockawayFar Rockaway-Mott Av (A)1,337,737 -5.18%
RockawayBeach 25 St (A)502,246-9.49%****
RockawayBeach 36 St (A)263,693-1.99%
RockawayBeach 44 St (A)176,647 -5.17%****
RockawayBeach 60 St (A)720,544-6.10%
Rockaway Beach 67 St (A)565,130-3.79%****
RockawayBroad Channel (A,S)93,087 -10.12%
Rockaway Howard Beach-JFK Airport (A)976,481-2.90%
RockawayAqueduct-North Conduit Av (A)249,341-7.24%
RockawayAqueduct Racetrack (A)27,004-11.56%
Lefferts Blvd.Ozone Park-Lefferts Blvd (A) 2,243,456-5.56%
Lefferts Blvd.111 St (A)783,299-4.85%
Lefferts Blvd.104 St (A)510,620-7.16%
Fulton St.Rockaway Blvd (A)2,254,869+0.01%
Fulton St.88 St (A)786,807 -3.15%
Fulton St.80 St (A)1,267,343-3.67%
Fulton St. Grant Av (A)1,898,215-2.19%
Fulton St.Euclid Av (A,C)2,888,392-3.56%
Fulton St.Shepherd Av (C)922,420 -4.61%
Fulton St.Van Siclen Av (C) 869,166-5.03%
Fulton St. Liberty Av (C)872,268-2.97%
Fulton St.Rockaway Av (C)1,480,189-2.80%
Fulton St.Ralph Av (C)1,450,900 -3.15%
Fulton St.Utica Av (A,C) 4,235,887-4.51%
Fulton St.Kingston-Throop Avs (C)1,501,234 -4.82%
Fulton St.Nostrand Av (A,C)4,676,059-7.13%
Fulton St.Clinton-Washington Avs (C)1,559,809-4.69%
Fulton St. Lafayette Av (C)1,410,635-4.19%
Fulton St.High St (A,C)1,888,271-1.40%
CrosstownFulton St (G)1,089,757 +7.50%
CrosstownClinton-Washington Avs (G)1,503,550+2.70%
Crosstown Classon Av (G)1,186,685+3.60%
CrosstownBedford-Nostrand Avs (G)1,876,400 +3.08%
CrosstownMyrtle-Willoughby Avs (G)1,346,184 +2.95%
Crosstown Flushing Av (G)582,662-2.80%
CrosstownBroadway (G)1,047,629+1.45%
CrosstownNassau Av (G) 2,321,809 -2.91%
CrosstownGreenpoint Av (G) 2,319,327-3.04%
Crosstown 21 St (G)333,612+5.63%
63 St. (Queens)21 St-Queensbridge (F)2,354,997 +5.23%
Queens Blvd.Queens Plaza (E,G,R,V)2,421,042-4.38%
Queens Blvd.36 St (G,R,V)1,060,569+10.20%
Queens Blvd.Steinway St (G,R,V)4,547,327 -2.41%
Queens Blvd.46 St (G,R,V) 2,911,842-6.53%
Queens Blvd. Northern Blvd (G,R,V)2,250,701-4.36%
Queens Blvd.65 St (G,R,V) 1,049,810-3.51%
Queens Blvd. Elmhurst Av (G,R,V)4,360,761-2.41%
Queens Blvd.Grand Av-Newtown (G,R,V)5,597,743 -1.92%
Queens Blvd.Woodhaven Blvd (G,R,V) 7,447,147-3.23%
Queens Blvd.63 Dr-Rego Park (G,R,V)4,455,069-5.02%
Queens Blvd.67 Av (G,R,V) 2,791,115-1.77%
Queens Blvd.Forest Hills-71 Av (E,F,G,R,V)8,068,855-4.03%
Queens Blvd.75 Av (E,F)1,109,370-2.81%
Queens Blvd.Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike (E,F)7,958,721-2.31%
Queens Blvd.Briarwood-Van Wyck Blvd (E,F)1,764,008 -4.91%
Queens Blvd.Sutphin Blvd (F)1,375,351-1.71%
Queens Blvd. Parsons Blvd (F)1,838,982-3.35%
Queens Blvd.169 St (F)2,607,968 -0.04%
Queens Blvd.Jamaica-179 St (F)6,624,050-3.82%
Queens Blvd. Jamaica-Van Wyck (E)1,339,135-2.03%
Jamaica121 St (J,Z)651,821+5.46%
Jamaica111 St (J)790,197+0.24%
Jamaica104 St (J,Z)771,323+0.81%
JamaicaWoodhaven Blvd (J,Z)1,285,768+1.29%
Jamaica85 St-Forest Pkwy (J)1,117,772-1.44%
Jamaica75 St-Elderts Ln (J,Z)1,146,401 +0.71%
JamaicaCypress Hills (J) 427,322-0.46%
JamaicaCrescent St (J,Z)1,400,697-2.49%
JamaicaNorwood Av (J,Z)1,041,356-3.31%
JamaicaCleveland St (J)951,023+1.49%
JamaicaVan Siclen Av (J,Z) 808,772+3.56%
JamaicaAlabama Av (J)683,329+1.20%
Jamaica Chauncey St (J,Z)847,239+3.06%
JamaicaHalsey St (J)1,632,375+0.77%
JamaicaGates Av (J,Z)1,666,134+3.54%
JamaicaKosciuszko St (J)1,324,395+2.39%
JamaicaMyrtle Av (J,M,Z)2,748,162+2.68%
Jamaica Flushing Av (J,M)2,472,600+4.79%
JamaicaLorimer St (J,M)1,379,364 +2.48%
JamaicaHewes St (J,M) 744,898+5.95%
JamaicaMarcy Av (J,M,Z)3,007,825+3.82%
Myrtle Ave.Middle Village-Metropolitan Av (M)1,169,385+4.74%
Myrtle Ave.Fresh Pond Rd (M)1,450,986-0.15%
Myrtle Ave. Forest Av (M)1,068,754+1.28%
Myrtle Ave.Seneca Av (M)691,907+4.40%
Myrtle Ave.Knickerbocker Av (M) 1,054,258+3.49%
Myrtle Ave.Central Av (M)747,651+9.17%
CanarsieCanarsie-Rockaway Pkwy (L)3,660,047-3.02%
CanarsieEast 105 St (L)1,014,253 -0.34%
CanarsieNew Lots Av (L)1,138,348+6.16%
Canarsie Livonia Av (L)704,067+1.81%
CanarsieSutter Av (L)1,168,953+5.86%
CanarsieAtlantic Av (L)395,884+2.38%
CanarsieBushwick Av-Aberdeen St (L) 365,349-0.25%
CanarsieWilson Av (L)1,067,833+1.22%
CanarsieHalsey St (L)1,907,900-2.00%
CanarsieDeKalb Av (L)3,110,345 -6.59%
CanarsieJefferson St (L) 1,581,941+0.81%
CanarsieMorgan Av (L)1,684,084+1.17%
CanarsieMontrose Av (L)1,718,655-1.64%
CanarsieGrand St (L)1,981,342-4.55%
CanarsieGraham Av (L) 2,717,687-0.37%
CanarsieBedford Av (L)6,761,478+3.95%
Flushing (Queens)Flushing-Main St (7)18,287,069 -0.77%
Flushing (Queens)Mets-Willets Pt (7)1,862,720-8.53%
Flushing (Queens)111 St (7)3,417,102+0.55%
Flushing (Queens)103 St-Corona Plaza (7)5,733,398-2.71%
Flushing (Queens)Junction Blvd (7)7,054,657+2.41%
Flushing (Queens)90 St-Elmhurst Av (7)5,456,494-3.78%
Flushing (Queens)82 St-Jackson Hts (7) 5,227,935-3.88%
Flushing (Queens) 69 St (7) 1,618,011+0.14%
Flushing (Queens) Woodside-61 St (7)5,379,712-2.50%
Flushing (Queens)52 St (7) 2,050,269-2.77%
Flushing (Queens) 46 St-Bliss St (7)4,643,082-1.36%
Flushing (Queens)40 St-Lowery St (7)3,276,105 -2.63%
Flushing (Queens)33 St-Rawson St (7)3,649,228+1.82%
Flushing (Queens) 45 Rd-Court House Sq (7) 2,502,082-15.92%
Flushing (Queens)Hunters Point Av (7) 1,662,776-7.59%
Flushing (Queens) Vernon Blvd-Jackson Av (7) 2,939,995-0.92%
AstoriaAstoria-Ditmars Blvd (N,W)5,033,498 -4.60%
AstoriaAstoria Blvd (N,W) 3,532,735-2.02%
Astoria 30 Av (N,W)4,311,747-3.01%
AstoriaBroadway (N,W) 4,012,746-4.29%
Astoria36 Av (N,W) 2,290,524-2.94%
Astoria39 Av (N,W) 789,295+12.99%
Downtown Brooklyn Transfer Court St (M,R)/Borough Hall (2,3,4,5)10,788,326 +0.84%
Downtown Brooklyn Transfer Jay St-Borough Hall (A,C,F)8,871,247-2.81%
Downtown Brooklyn TransferHoyt-Schermerhorn Sts (A,C,G)2,862,942-1.20%
Downtown Brooklyn TransferDeKalb Av (B,M,Q,R)5,014,623-0.57%
Downtown Brooklyn Transfer Atlantic Av (B,Q,2,3,4,5)/Pacific St (D,M,N,R)10,039,490 -0.81%
Other Brooklyn Transfer Prospect Park (B,Q,S)2,955,204+4.63%
Other Brooklyn TransferFranklin Av (2,3,4,5)/Botanic Garden (S)4,302,121+1.74%
Other Brooklyn TransferFranklin Av (C,S) 1,608,062-3.12%
Other Brooklyn TransferNew Utrecht Av (N)/62 St (D,M)1,645,572-2.63%
Other Brooklyn Transfer4 Av (F,G)/9 St (M,R)3,494,753+1.78%
Other Brooklyn TransferBroadway Junction (A,C,J,L,Z) 2,846,582-3.10%
Other Brooklyn Transfer Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs (L,M)5,111,569-2.27%
Other Brooklyn TransferMetropolitan Av (G)/Lorimer St (L) 4,273,071+11.51%
Other Brooklyn TransferConey Island-Stillwell Av (D,F,N,Q) 4,378,886-2.32%
Other Brooklyn TransferWest 8 St-New York Aquarium (F,Q) 779,782-3.73%
Queens Transfer Queensboro Plaza (N,W,7)2,792,245+0.73%
Queens Transfer 74-Bway (7)/Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av (E,F,G,R,V) 16,049,407-2.53%
Queens Transfer23 St-Ely Av (E,V)/Long Island City-Court Sq (G)4,882,739-12.10%
Queens TransferSutphin Blvd-Archer Av-JFK Airport (E,J,Z)6,418,547-0.23%
Queens TransferJamaica Center-Parsons-Archer (E,J,Z)11,607,937-1.12%

Notes about the numbers:
*Cortlandt St (1): Closed until further notice due to WTC construction
**Cortlandt St (N,R,W): Reopened 11.25.09
***Brighton Line Stations closed for rehab for several months
****Rockaway Stations closed for rehab for several months


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