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Re: NJT Multilevels

Posted by 5301 Fishbowl on Sat Jun 6 17:10:10 2009, in response to Re: NJT Multilevels, posted by docstox on Fri Jun 5 09:44:28 2009.

Its as if NJT deliberately wants to be in the red year after year,maybe to justify the federal subsidies?

I believe you are correct. And they want us to fill out "missed transportation" forms whenever fares are missed, claiming that this will enable them to figure out where the help is needed. We tried that. It doesn't work.

I'll give you an example: There was a rule that said that that whoever closed the doors (usually the rear brake) had to do so from the furthest point back of the open part of the train. Meaning if the whole train was open, you had to close the doors from the hind end. Despite this rule, they had a couple of PM rush hours westbound RVL trains run with 6 or 7 cars with no middle man, meaning the conductor and the rear brake had to "work to meet". Which meant that at Union (the first stop after leaving Newark), both the conductor and the rear brake were in the middle of the train. We can open from anywhere, but we had to close from the hind end. Which meant that the rear brake had to dealy the train and walk all the way back to the hind end to close the doors. Of course, they did not want to delay the train, so what did they do? The rear brake only went through about a car and a half, and then went back to the hind end to get the doors. So each day the rear brake would fill out one of the "missed transportation" forms, citing the rule as the reason for missing approximately 200 people each night. So what did NJT do? Instead of adding the middle man, they changed the rule so that the brakeman can close from anywhere on the train.

What a way to run a safe railroad! BTW, I heard they actually use the forms to justify the federal subsidies.

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