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Re: Harrassed in Miami by Metrorail Chief of Security

Posted by Train Man Paul : Metro-North's Best Conductor FOR ALL 3 LINES!!! on Fri May 15 16:52:32 2009, in response to Re: Harrassed in Miami by Metrorail Chief of Security, posted by Newkirk Plaza David on Fri May 15 14:30:20 2009.

That's why originally in the first post, I always state if someone says they are with the governing agency, they should have ID present, and you should ALWAYS ask for such!! If they fail to produce the ID, don't be afraid to call the police in yourself. True, you don't know who the person is, that's why you ask!! For instance, whenever I have a train with deadhead cars, especially at my operating position in the train, I ALWAYS ask for ID if someone attempts to enter. If that person DOES NOT have ID, only if I know them personally to be an employee, I will allow them, as per my own policy and Metro-North's. If I don't know who they are personally, claim to be an employee, but have no ID, I NEVER let them in!! If the ID says "EMPLOYEE", I allow them. Metro-North's other passes, such as "SPOUSE", "DEPENDENT", "OTHER AGENCY" and such ARE NOT ALLOWED!! And the thing about it is that you be professional and cool about it, not come out your face and get nasty, which goes back to the whole thing about a simple situation growing far beyond what it is in a negative way. It's IS sometimes what you say as well as how you say it that makes for either a bad experience or a good one!! 10 1/2 years + and counting (combined both NYCT and MNR) of dealing with all of this, I think I know!!

Nasty responses don't help reciprocate anything other than continued and escalated nastiness in an already nasty situation for which I stated the employee is at fault. Some of us here on this board, who will remain nameless, are just too stupid to get this!! But being foul in return makes for a worsening situation, in which the employee could have easily involved the police. No matter how nasty the employee was, if it came to police, I can assure you the officers would side with the employee, since he is addressing a policy in place at the transit/rail agencies' property (for the record I do not know of photo bans or such with Miami-Dade Transit, so if the employee was actually enforcing a listed and regulated policy I do not know!!)

Again, back to what I always say..."two wrongs do not make a right, someone has to take the high road, not drop to an asshole's level of stupidity!!" By making the "what business is it of yours" comment, you up the level of hostility that was set forth by the employee if he approached in a foul way.

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