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No Photo Permit Needed in Miami (Was: Re: Harrassed in Miami by Metrorail Chief of Security)

Posted by Terrapin Station on Thu May 14 21:04:21 2009, in response to Re: Harrassed in Miami by Metrorail Chief of Security, posted by WMATAGMOAGH on Thu May 14 19:13:15 2009.

Sorry to say, but Mr. Muntan is right according to nycsubway.org.

No, Eric Muntan was WRONG, and so is NYCsubway.org (just like Wikipedia, nycsubway.org can have mistakes).

If I've said it once, I've said it one thousand times:


And in a separate category is the Pentagon Station on WMATA (it's a DoD regulation, not a WMATA regulation).

So besides on PATH, feel free to photograph to your heart's content, as long as you follow all other legal, posted rules on the transit system and the local municipality.

Every time someone here or some transit authority makes the claim that amateur photography is restricted, I have been able to prove them wrong. MIAMI is no different.

I visited MIAMI in 2007. I went there for the expressed purpose of railfanning the heck out of it, and taking many photos. So I did my research before I took my trip, and brought all the relevant proff with me. Turns out I didn't need it, but I had it all just in case. I had no problems.

My proff was printouts of the Miami-Dade County film permit rules, and the Miami-Dade Transit Authority filming regulations. I also printed out the TRANSIT AGENCY RULES AND REGULATIONS from the Municipal Code which further backed up the fact that there are no restrictions on amateur photography.

These three documents were PDF'ed from the web back in 2007 and I am more than happy to email them to anyone who would like them.

Once again, in summary, by default, there are no restrictions on amateur photography in public. "In public" includes publicly accessible portions of transportation authority property and vehicles. Every time I read some here saying something like "Does anyone know if there are problems with photography on such and such a transit system?", I cringe, because that means your of the mindset that photography might be illegal, and that we have to go out of our way to find that out. No. If it is going to be illegal or restricted, then the transit authority better make that PRETTY DAMN WELL CLEAR in a normal way, like on their website, or on signs in the system. You don't need to look for something that is by default LEGAL.

Take Pride,
Terrapin Station

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