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Re: The Chicago Central Area Action Plan (On-topic)

Posted by ChicagoPCCLCars on Sat Apr 4 17:09:52 2009, in response to Re: The Chicago Central Area Action Plan (On-topic), posted by Jackson Park B Train on Sat Apr 4 15:05:59 2009.

Posted by Jackson Park B Train

Electrification??? When we get serious about energy, I would like to hope we will have gigawatts of Solar PV, wind, hydro w/o major fishkills, etc. Besides I happen to love catenary, and "juice jacks" ...

Ah,HAH...someone finally admits the REAL reason, LOL. You da man for dat.

Now, as to Metra v CTA, this obsolete class based differential needs to disappear. To me the Metra routes are "super expresses" in the sense that they make few stops within the city limits but in many cases go via similar routes(Lake Street--Green Line for younger folks), C&NW to Evanston, and of course the ex IC. So, I believe an 'all you can eat' CTA pass should be good on any Metra train within CTA fare limits. The point here is to increase rider options/convenience, and just maybe a few more people will leave their cars parked at home more often.

It's just that Metra never runs the headways as the CTA does.

As to your point about missing locations, indeed, CTA is about 50 years behind the curve. The entire west of the River office boom has been ignored other than a couple bus line changes.

We're in agreement then. The Franklin Street subway in the 70's would have.

Airports???, CTA could use express tracks in regular daily operations on both the Red and Blue trunks--the money isn't there and besides a West Side N-S crosstown around Western (proposed in the 50's IIRC) might well be a better investment. Maybe the old PRR Panhandle ROW which today is high voltage lines only could be used so as to minimise residential disruption.

It was Cicero, not Western, along the Belt RR. The Blue line now rebuilt and re-signaled would have a 70 MPH top speed. The Orange line could be brought up to 70 MPH too. Unfortunately the CTA has not proved capable of maintaining track at that level. I don't know what top speeds could be set in the subway. The elevated would probably remain 55 MPH. That would improve regular and any express service.

Richard II will decide.

He's only interested in 2016 and after that he's leaving. Maybe sooner if the Feds can find some mistake he's made. Anyway, he's sold just about everything in the city raising cash to be squirreled away except our garbage cans, LOL.

David Harrison

Richard II will decide.

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