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***Everyone here has the ability to Do heavy Math in their Heads...FAST.***

Posted by JournalSquare-K-Car on Wed Jun 25 23:09:51 2008, in response to Re: Guess What may make a ''Comeback''? Congestion Pricing.., posted by J trainloco on Wed Jun 25 22:58:20 2008.

you are an IMBECIL!!! A venician, probably worse than forest glenn. Do you wear an ipod? Do you jog on the manhattan bridge? You are a chump, with a BAD, and NEGATIVE attitude, and this leads to bad energy, which you try to infect others with, and you are CONTEMPTUOUS because you are SAD that you let the ipods, texting machines, and mcdonalds, destroy you, only to leave behind a zombie that can't think, and now you want to force others to subscribe to your fate... NO THANKS!!!

But here is some advice for you: you CAN learn, it is never too late, be strong, and don't give in, FIGHT the system, pt down your brain melting machines... and just walk around, and ponder, think about something like what type of gift you would give to a girlfriend if you have one, how you can help earth, just be guy, and don't be a zombie, it is scary, i see LOTS of zombies these days, who can't think, what a shame, they alter their environments, and they kill themselves, and they forget that they are human. This is the perverted greedy man's dream come true: everyone in his control, so don't et it happen. Know that there *IS* more than what meets the eye, energies within the aethers, we cannot see, but they affect us, yet we can't tell WE all have the ability to do complex math in our head within seconds:::

Here is my proof.. think about it:

Dreams last a few seconds, yet you percieve them to be minutes, sometimes hours long, yet in those dreams you see and solve many problems in math...think about it, think about what you are truly capable of...be true, and honest to yourself, and QUESTION.


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