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Re: MTA Demands Slice of the Action at Brooklyn Bagel Shop or Else

Posted by SelkirkTMO on Tue Mar 15 09:10:57 2005, in response to Re: MTA Demands Slice of the Action at Brooklyn Bagel Shop or Else, posted by Allan on Tue Mar 15 08:57:41 2005.

Allan, buddy ... you're really INTO this ... I'm impressed.

OK ... legally, it's "commercial use" indeed ... it IS an appropriation of a trademark without authorization ... but it's also PUBLIC property, and corporations are PEOPLE under New York State law ... this is *SO* typical of why new york is wiping up the ASS of Alabama. :(

The "Trademark" I thought was to keep people from selling maps and protecting new york against "foreign competition" ... not that I can even CONCEIVE of the legality of "we the people" owning intangibles in restraint of trade OF OUR PHUCKING OWN! :(

The businesspeople are NOT selling transportation services - I'll bet they ain't even selling MEATBALLCARDS ... last I checked, bagel stands ON the subway are no longer, so what's the PRIME DIRECTIVE basis of a trademark infringement/copyright suit in "resulting in market confusion?" Is George ELMER Paturkey and his fiefdom of republicans above the law? The state had no right to patent/copyright those items in the FIRST place - that they were allowed to is amazing, byut the BAD taste in prosecuting a LOCAL for using them is profoundly stupid and will result in griveous ecomonic damage to this state ...


Lemme put it to you THIS way ... HEWLETT PACKARD ripped off our software company for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our name has been ripped off in foreign lands where the courts no longer recognize the United States (we decided not to be part of the world court) ... I could go on and on. Piracy and trademark theft go on unabated every day. OK, so pyhrric victory - MTA squashes those "damedn towelheads" like a grape ... the benefit? Could you explain what THAT would be?

THIS is STUPID ... LET the damned towelheads have the logos - make them spend a saturday riding an arnine and let them off. They've shown CREATIVITY ... and YOUR assholes gave them better publicity than I ever could have at Young and Rubicam for MILLIONS. Your agency is a ship of fools ... and you DESERVE the head-knocking y'all gonna get for this whenever Paturkey returns from his fund-raising junket. :(

Nothing personal ... but how DARE the MTA go after LOCALS. :(

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