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Re: NYCTA moves forward with photo ban

Posted by TTC4549 on Sat Nov 27 09:47:18 2004, in response to Re: NYCTA moves forward with photo ban, posted by willD on Thu Nov 25 14:23:28 2004.

If i seem to recall correctly (and what everyone fails to remember, especially you anti-Bush people) is that England, Germany, FRANCE, Spain, RUSSIA, ISREAL, IRAN, and i believe EGYPT, were ALL convinced that iraq has such weapons. Do you think, that maybe, just maybe, he got them into Syria, (a country known to be supportive of terrorists), to get them out of the way? Do ya think that if that many nations suspected it, that maybe, just maybe there is something there? If Saddam had nothing to hide, and he didnt have such weapons, Why did he stonewall hans Blix?

And if you are antiIraq war, let me ask you something -

Are you for the systematic rape and degradation of women? They found "rape rooms", this is fact.Are you for the systematic slaughter of 100,000's of people? He killed (on the conversative estimate) enough people to fill the city of Pittsburgh... He used mustard gas on his own people, killing off kurds. And yes i know it happens in other countries too, mainly in africa, I am aware of that, cause i know that someone will point that out, but remember, none of those countries ever invaded another, none of them had the capability to produce WMDs -

Oh and i havent forgotten about Iran and North Korea as well. They are also problems, however it is seeming like Iran is complying - and North Korea will continue to be a huge problem. Its nice to see that we are all very politically savy here, but you do know that this is for the posting of transit items, right?

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