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Posted by Edwards! on Mon Nov 28 19:32:56 2022, in response to Re: THANKSGIVING HAS BEEN CANCELLED, posted by https://salaamallah.com/ on Mon Nov 28 17:55:41 2022.

Honest facts.
Also, we both know that in EVERY region they appeared, the name "White Devil" became "their identifiers",because of their nature to bring evil into the mist of a land.

There were no "WHITE people" before 1619,nor were there any BLACK People.

Devils operate via DECEPTION.

They infect,pillage,enslave and destroy.
But most of all, they need "WORSHIP, AND WORSHIPERS",which is why you see so many pictures of White Jesus every where,while the Word of God specifically stated that MAN shall make No IMAGE OR LIKENESS of ANY spiritual deity to be WORSHIPPED. JESUS describes himself, and his vestiges resembles nothing of those paintings or idols in any way.
It was a psychological and spiritual attack on the Nubians, to divide them,to create passivity, and convince them that they were divine.
They knew that the Nubian were SPIRITUAL PEOPLE in nature, and they used this to induce self loathing and hatred.
Nubians were renamed BLACK,hoping to remove the SPIRITUAL influence of the God of our fathers.
Devils became WHITE,to push their divine narrative on the world.
Using This tactic, they have taken hold of the world..lying, stealing and murdering every and any who stood in their way.

To this very day, they manipulate people, bringing war,pestilence and death.
Often opens a hand of FRIENDSHIP, then stabs you in the back.
A master of deception, will lie with a straight face to you.
The Devil greatest trick, is to convince You that he isn't YOUR Enemy,that You can Trust him..that He is your friend with Your best interests at heart. He "appears as a ANGEL OF LIGHT",while planting his seeds of death.

Knowledge of Self, Actual Facts..

History,that they have tried to WHITEWASH away,but is constantly being recycled.
The Enemy of Man never learned from making errors in judgment, a perpetual loop of doom,destruction and loss of life.


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