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Tuscarora Almanac for September 27

Posted by IRTRedbirdR33 on Tue Sep 27 09:46:24 2022

Tuscarora Almanac - September 27, 1879 - The Book of First Runs

Manhattan, New York
New York Elevated Railroad Company

The 9th Avenue El is extended from 125th Street to 135th Street. The station at 130th Street will not open until 1893 (southbound platform) and 1907 (northbound platform).

Source: New York Division Bulletin / April 1994, article "Ninth Avenue El", by Mr. Bernard Linder

Tuscarora Almanac – September 27, 1941 – The Book of Last Runs

Dayton, Ohio
Dayton & Suburban Railway Company

The Dayton & Suburban Railway Company, formerly known as the Cincinnati & Lake Erie Railroad abandons its last line. Car 205 made the final run between Dayton and Moraine City, Ohio.

Source: “Ohio Valley Trolleys in Color”, (Morning Sun Books / 2007) by Mr. Edward A. Ridolph

Tuscarora Almanac – September 27, 1955 – The Book of Wrecks

Hamilton, New York
New York, Ontario & Western Railway
Utica Branch

It was a dark and stormy night in Hamilton, New York and O& W freight ON-2 was headed east from Oswego to Middletown. Some local miscreant had thrown the switch leading from the mainline to an elevated coal trestle. There were four men in the cab of FT Diesel 803 that night, the engineer, fireman, brakeman and the General Road Foreman. The engineer noticed the misaligned switch and applied the brakes but the momentum of the train was such that it took the switch and ran through onto the coal trestle and through the bumper. Both the A&B units came to rest about 115 feet from the end of the track having “flown” through the air. Fortunately the “A” unit remained upright. The fireman and road foreman were injured but recovered. Included in the wreck were two boxcars which burst open. They were full of Nestle’s chocolate bars and the local kids had a great time helping to clean up the mess.

Several months later a dinner was held for the crewmembers were they were induced as charter members of “The Flying Diesel Corps”.

Source: “The New York, Ontario & Western Railway in Color” (Morning Sun Books / 1997) by Mr. Paul Lubliner
“The Final Years, New York, Ontario & Western Ry” (Carsten Publications / 1977) by Mr. John Krause and Mr. Ed Crist

Note: With apologies to Snoopy it really was a “dark and stormy” night.

Tuscarora Almanac - September 27, 2002 - The Book of Wrecks

Queens, New York
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
John F. Kennedy International Airport

The JFK Air-Train suffered its first casualty when an operator was crushed by concrete blocks used to simulate a passenger load. The Air-Train was not yet open to the public and test runs were still being carried.

Source: New York Division Bulletin / January 2004 - Article by Mr. Raymond Berger and Mr. Raymond Mercado.

Larry, RedbirdR33


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