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Re: Culver Shuttle/reconnecting Culver to 4th Avenue

Posted by Avid Reader on Sun May 15 10:27:17 2022, in response to Re: Culver Shuttle/reconnecting Culver to 4th Avenue, posted by Andrew Saucci on Sat May 14 18:10:04 2022.

So, two gentlemen past away only hours apart in our small town.

One gentleman was a prominent wealthy LIBERAL LAWERY, while the other gentleman was an independent, middle class member of the community.

Our town has only one Funeral Home, so almost all of our citizens use their services.

The Lawyer's family picked out a top of the line casket, and brought his finest hand tailored shirt's and most expensive suits from his extensive closet.

Our modest middle class gentleman's family brought in a five year old suit, one he hardly wore , he would have a decent send off.

The Funeral Home worked through the night to prepare both gentlemen for the viewing. The Funeral Director was very pleased with his staff's work and gave them the rest of the day off.

The small town was small enough that everyone knew everyone else, so there would be a large turn out of people to pay their final respects.

Both of the immediate families arrive at the same for the initial viewing and were shocked. The staff, in their hast had dressed and placed the wrong bodies it the wrong caskets.

Both grieving families expressed their dissatisfaction and demanded that it be made right!

The staff had been given the remainder of the day off.

The director had his assistant, the only other employee still there, bring both families to a refreshment area for a selection of pastries and beverages, while he would address the mix-up.

It wasn't long, about fifteen minutes, when the director returned to the refreshment area, and announced both gentlemen were ready for viewing.

The families were still having their refreshments, but began to go to the separate viewing rooms.

Both families were pleased with the directors prompt action.

The director stepped back to allow both of the families their privacy.

The assistant, approached the director and whispered in his ear " How did you ever managed to correct such a huge fuck up?" "Suits, caskets and viewing rooms" and in less than fifteen minutes?

Smugly, with out moving his lips he whispered back " It was easy, I just switched heads!"


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