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Posted by Jersey Mike on Mon Dec 2 16:54:51 2019

The 18th Annual SEPTA Mid-Winter Trip took place on December 27th, 2018 and was focused on first ever trips on the Route 59 trackless trolley and R2 Newark along with a return to the 63rd St terminal of the Route 15 streetcar. Unlike the previous year where the group had missed the late afternoon Newark express train, this year we managed to catch it and were treated to a set of Silverliner V's in the process. One can find the full set of photos here (mirror) and as an announcement the 2020 MWT will be taking place on December 26th.

Informally, each MWT starts with an inbound PATCO express run from Lindenwold. This would be the first year where there would be no opportunity to score a classic style car with the railfan window as the last batch of classic cars were retired in June 2018. Here we see PATCO cars #1061 and #1093 waiting at the Lindenwold platform.

Here we have a video of from the new railfan view of the express portion of the run between Woodcrest and Ferry Ave.

Since the Route 59 runs out of the Arrott Transportation Center, the official trip began with an MFL trip to the eastern end of the line. Here we see a variety of MFL trains encountered along the route.

This Eagles Wrap on MFL car #1053 is a bit mis-placed given that the MFL does not take one to the Sports Complex.

The Route 59 has some diesel buses mixed in with the trackless trolleys, however we were able to score one of the latter and #807 was able to take us the entire way to the Bell's Corner loop.

The loop featured a combination passenger shelter and crew base along with some nice SEPTA flourishes.

Since the vehicles ahead of us were diesel, we had to wait a headway or two for #807's turn to return.

Route 59 group photo taken on SEPTA TT #807.

SEPTA PCC II #2323 at 63rd St loop.

#2323 again at Lancaster Ave, also with SEPTA K-Car #9022.

SEPTA K-Car #9015 at the Subway-Surface Juniper loop.

Broad St Line holiday wrapped token booths.

Scenes from the Maryland Division platform at 30th St. SEPTA Silverliner V #867 departing on Main Line track #3, Silverliner IV #305 arriving and SL-IV #101 waiting to head into Center City.

En route to Newark the backlighting became so bad that I had to switch to video to get any usable content. Here we see the high speed portion of the run between HOLLY and LANDLITH interlockings in Delaware. We had just been overtaken by a southbound Regional, which explains the Medium Approach indication at HOLLY.

SEPTA SL-V #847 at Newark, DE Penn Station.

Despite the fading light I caught Amtrak Train 19, the southbound Crescent, passing a northbound Regional at DAVIS interlocking.

Southbound Amtrak Acela Express with leaving power car #2030 passing under DAVIS interlocking's northbound home signal bridge. Note the Limited Clear signal is already being displayed for the SEPTA train's homeward departure.

Finally, just as the sun was setting I got this front facing video of the run between DAVIS and YARD interlockings. Note the SEPTA train immediately crosses over at DAVIS interlocking instead of proceeding north up 'A' Track to the high speed turnout at RUTHBY.

Well that's all for this exciting SEPTA Mid-Winter Trip. I hope some of you can join me in late 2019 for the next installment!


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