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Re: NY: Higher subway speeds worry NYC train operators -- and new report explains why

Posted by Steamdriven on Fri Nov 15 17:51:52 2019, in response to Re: NY: Higher subway speeds worry NYC train operators -- and new report explains why, posted by AlM on Thu Nov 14 18:09:11 2019.

this is a common modern reporter trick; have a line of BS you want to promote, then interview until you get someone who says it for you. The reporter may direct the convo so that the topic comes up framed as they want it, but they only report the juicy bit they were waiting for. Of course, the reporter will never do a ride-along with the M/M or operate a train on a test track.

btw, there -should- be a non-revenue stretch track, including at least one grade, one curve and one station for testing, school and other practical use. The same spots can and should be used for celebrity/politician/occasional railfan operation.

Yeah, seriously on the least one. A pol who has even 10 minutes of experience will be just as much of a jerk as before, but they'll have 1000% more subway knowledge than they started with. That will translate into more favorable budget, legislation and priorities. 2 minutes driving the train where it has 6" side clearance will lead to a positive response when asked to, say, close a section down completely for 96 hours. They will then understand what "keep the trains running and fix it somehow, they've done it before blahblahblah" really entails.

2. Celebutards have far too much influence, they're practically a branch of politics now. Scheduling a few of the to drive an a somewhat challenging stretch, during which they'll overshoot the stop, inadvertently go BIE, >insert hazard here< etc will give them some scrap of a clue what's involved. Better if they were assigned to track and 3rd rail maint for a day but that's too real, they won't do it.


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