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Re: Amtrak changes-LD Trains

Posted by Nilet on Tue Aug 13 01:03:45 2019, in response to Re: Amtrak changes-LD Trains, posted by Brightonr68 on Mon Aug 12 20:20:43 2019.

Would you rather no LD trains or LD trains with an updated business model ?

I dunno. I've ridden Alaskan cruise trains but I never want to again. I've looked into booking a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer and then noped right back out of booking it in favour of VIA Rail's Skeena. I've considered a trip on some European cruise-train only to get stalled halfway through the booking process when it occurred to me how much I'd hate riding it.

It does not have to be as extreme as a cruise but rather updated amenities and services .

So, the Canadian. Or the Super Chief. Or the Caledonian Sleeper. Hardly cruise trains, yet perfectly serviceable trips.

LD trains are on life support.

In the US, and only because of the particular quirks of this country at this point in time. China is building brand-new long distance trains. Europe has an international network that puts ours to shame. Canada is in the same position as we are, trying to run a passenger network over rented freight tracks on a shoestring budget, yet they manage to offer decent service even outside of their premier train between Vancouver and Toronto.

Even Cuba has brand-new trains operating on their mainline between Havana and Santiago, and I consider it a good rule of thumb that if Cuba manages to pull it off, we aren't allowed to say it's impossible.

The next generation may pull subsidies and the. You have nothing .

That's unlikely. The current generation in power is the one who grew up with the idea that cars represented Freedom™, commercial flights were exciting, and global warming wasn't an issue. For anyone born after 1980, (ie, anyone who is pushing 40 years old and is the "next generation" who will hold power), commercial flights have been miserable, driving is annoying, global warming has pretty much always been an issue, and trains represent a great solution if only the politicians would be willing to get their asses in gear to support them.

I only take a train here and there because I am a train fan .

I take trains because that's how one gets places.

My wife can do without .

Heading to Spain this week . Have some train time on the schedule while wife has a spa day .

Should've married a railfan. :ž


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