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Re: Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo

Posted by Michael549 on Fri Jan 4 16:18:31 2019, in response to Re: Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo, posted by AlM on Fri Jan 4 09:53:53 2019.

From a previous message:

"The overwhelming use of the L train is for inte-rborough traffic. Shutting down the L "only" in Manhattan affects Brooklyn residents far more than it affects Manhattan residents."

The FULL L-Line WAS NOT BEING SHUT DOWN! You know that, and most everyone on this transit forum knows. The vast public did not!

Yes, the Brooklyn portion of the L-line would remain running while the tunnel repair work was going on! Talk about not being able to communicate a message!

Yes, only the Manhattan portion of the L-line would close! Yes, 225,000 daily riders affected, with another 55,000 on the Manhattan only portion, and another 75,000 who only ride within the Brooklyn portion. Yep, those are the facts.

Now let's look at the headlines - even on this forum, "Full Shutdown of L Train to Be Halted by Cuomo!" There were and are plenty of screaming headlines such as this one!

The fact that Brooklyn riders of the L-line had three separate places to transfer to other subway lines with either direct routes to/from Manhattan or transfers to other trains with direct routes to/from Manhattan, that alternative bus routes - ferries - and other transit was in the works - ideas that had been worked upon and re-fined.

The fact that every Brooklyn station (from Bedford Avenue to Wilson Avenue) of the L-train has an already operating direct bus line to a nearby J/M/Z elevated station - somehow does not get conveyed.

In the case of Manhattan only riders of the L-line - there were the current 14th Street local city buses, plus a new planned SBS bus route for 14th Street, as well as improvements to bus paths, changes in service deliveries, etc. Even some transit advocates wanted to completely re-design portions of 14th Street as a pedestrian only corridor with all cars/trucks/buses banned at all times.

In addition there was the fact that a caravan of buses were to be deployed to ferry L-line riders across the Williamsburg Bridge to several points and subway stations in Manhattan. Some transit activists even wanted to ban all single occupancy cars from the bridge during the rush hours! As well as proposals to enhance bike usage - every body's pet project was getting lumped in.

Months of community board meetings and public comment sessions devoted to discussing the issues took place over the past 3-4 years in advance of this new development. The good will and promises of those efforts now squandered it is only "un-important folks" that seem to use the subways on the weekends.

The fact that those months of terrible weekends and late night closures that Brooklyn L-train riders had to endure for years on end - during the installation of CBTC - somehow does not get remembered as "everyone" praises the closures limited to weekends and late nights.

Folks seem to forget that the MTA had to deal with and clear out NINE (9) OTHER SUBWAY TUNNELS with a mixture of months long subway tunnel closures (G Train), a 14-month closure of the R-train Montague Street Tunnel, and regular weekend long and nightly closures of subway tunnels for the #2/3, #4/5, #7, A/C, F, E/M, N/R for several months at a time. Folks seem to forget that some subway stations, subway facilities and portions of subway routes had to be completely re-constructed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Now all we get are screaming headlines about the L-train, as if no one else suffered due to Hurricane Sandy, or had to have repair work done.

There were plenty of screaming headlines such as this one - but not much for regular riders (except the MTA website) to look at that explained the mitigation measures that were going to be put in place.

From alternative newspapers (both print and online) as usual focused upon the screaming headlines - bothering ever to explain the mitigation measures that were going being put in place.

So what happened as everyone is screaming, "The sky is falling, the L-train is closing!!" - other folks start to get scared, and it is time to "do something!!" And that is what happened.



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