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Posted by Jersey Mike on Tue Jul 10 23:01:47 2018

Yes yes, I know it's the Metro North New Haven Line, but when I'm shooting video from an Amtrak train on the Metro North New Haven Line I need a snappier title. Previously I had captured rear facing NEC video between Baltimore and New York Penn and between New Haven and Boston. Therefore the 90 or so minute length of the MNRR New Haven Line was one of the last major segments remaining.

Because I was sort of sick of shooting stills out the back, I put up my camera and decided to take a little break. There are three videos, New Rochelle to Stamford, Stamford to Bridgeport and Bridgeport to New Haven. The last video gets a little exciting as we almost got stuck with no power just outside the station, but for more details you'll need to read down.

First up, New Rochelle to Stamford. Around 09:30 we overtake, race and eventually pass an eastbound M8 local. Then there is construction on both track 3 and 2, prompting a crossover from track 2 to 4 at GREEN.

Here we see Stamford to Bridgeport. Here the last of the 1918 vintage New Haven catenary is being removed with track 4 being intact as wire crews work track 2. On the westbound local track 3 we pass at least one train of M8 and an Amtrak Regional.

Finally we have Bridgeport to New Haven. Here note the new 4th track from SS73 through to the New Haven terminal. Sometime around 17:00 a fault in the ACS-86 locomotive cut power and caused the pans to drop. The train coasted for a full 8 minutes, all the way into New Haven station stopping just two carlengths short of the usual spot when the air pressure dropped low enough to cause an emergency application. At New Haven the fault was reset and the train proceeded on with just a slight delay. The long coast was made possible due to a generally descending grade into New Haven from the west.

Hope you enjoyed that. Next week we will return to stills with a trip along Amtrak's Shore Line.


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