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Re: Predictions for 2018 and beyond : No new tunnel needed!

Posted by Steamdriven on Tue Jan 2 19:10:37 2018, in response to Re: Predictions for 2018 and beyond : No new tunnel needed!, posted by Jackson Park B Train on Tue Jan 2 14:47:25 2018.

It matters very little how much the RR chooses to pay the exec, provide the pay is for performance rather than the buddy system. An effective CEO is not spending that xx million on 12 houses and 17 cars like a celebutard, it just gets invested back into the economy. Some people to work, some are talented, and some are in a position that fits their talents. Hit all 3 at once and you have a very useful individual.
When a CEO does live like a rock star, the company is probably not being managed well.

Compare Mulally at Ford vs the clock-punchers at GM and Chrysler. When the other 2 were dithering, Mulally sold off everything that wasn't an essential Ford property, including Ford, including glamour brands Volvo, Aston Martin and Jaguar. He then established lines of credit backed by mortgages on everything in the house, so that Ford would have cash for the crisis he saw coming. The other 2? Notmyjobnotmyproblemitstheeconomygimmeemomoney. A bad CEO destroys massively, a good one can build or save massively.

Mullally was worth billions as he prevented Ford from going bankrupt and the resulting bailout scheme theft from people who invested their savings in "safe" GM bonds and who has "safe" pensions at GM suppliers who went down with that Titanic. Ford, by contrast, PAID all those who made stuff for them, and all who had invested in Ford then are better off now rather than being cleaned out.

Mulally wasn't paid billions, of course, but whatever he was paid was far less than the difference he made. In my humble opinion, he's worth more than someone who is paid to throw a ball with great accuracy, stand on a stage with style, or skillfully impersonate an imaginary character. Those people get paid more than the typical CEO.


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