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Re: Nighttime Shot of 3rd Ave El at 67th Street (1953)

Posted by JOE @ NYCMTS - NYCTMG on Wed Dec 6 12:27:07 2017, in response to Re: Nighttime Shot of 3rd Ave El at 67th Street (1953), posted by Express Rider on Wed Dec 6 01:12:28 2017.

Hello Express Rider

I have that 1972 ERA Bulletin also -- and it is as correct as any could be based on as we then knew, incomplete and partial records.

Composites were no longer needed with and for the decimation of service times, branches, etc., on the 3rd Avenue EL (the only remaining mainline using Composites other than a few Composites used on the Polo Shuttle until 1950) between 1946 and 1949-50. These services were:

(a) the Bergen Cutoff route for West Farms EL Freeman St expresses, abandoned on 11-5-1946,

(b) the South Ferry Branch (planned in late 1949 to be closed within a year, pending hearings) abandoned on 12-23-1950,

NOTE: Composites (and later Q Types) were too heavy for that South Ferry Branch 1877-78 built structure below Chatham Square Station. But the service train consists (mainly MUDC consists) needed for that line's 24 hours service, could now be used to replace additional Composite cars in their express services;

(c) the likewise planned in 1949 and effected same date of 12-23-1950, termination of all 3rd Ave EL local and express services from Gun Hill Road Station to and from E. 241st Street Terminal on the White Plains Rd line EL

So the remaining Composites retained towards end of 1949 Express Services as operated on the 3rd Ave EL (along with some Gate Cars and MUDC's) were already planned by numbers to operate until, and then have their trucks placed under the Q type Motor A & C cars between late 1949 and early 1950 -- to replace those Composites on the 3rd Avenue EL express services. And then all be scrapped at that changeover time.

The NYCTA in the very early 1960's underwent a massive "dead files" purge when they cleaned out rooms of file cabinets and storage bins at 370 Jay Street HQ and totally discarded (took to Coney Island Yards I presume to burn and dispose of) of ancient Manhattan EL / IRT and BMT Company records, photos, stats, blueprints, plans, etc. related to / for IRT and BMT Elevated Lines (structures, etc) that were scrapped between 1931 and 1956 - and the abandoned since 8-1958) Polo Shuttle which was actually scrapped on the Bronx side of the River to Jerome Line connection about 1961). As well as long scrapped and gone IRT Company and BMT Company EL and Subway car rolling stock. Composite detailed records likely could have been part of that purge.

In my postings here, where I have exact dates in my mind, memory, I provide them -- but I don't have the time to spend endless hours of research for same on generalized background info tidbits added to support and document an actual specific event or incident that is the main topic of discussion or question. I provide very close or near approximate time frames for those perimeter type supporting details.

As far as the Composites - anyone who was around then as an adult or working as same at the TA, and knew or saw any first hand details and rosters, if any, are likely long gone now. I would suspect that (the late) George Horn, a former NYCTS Motorman, may have had such data -- but he and it are gone and he passed on without ever producing the long awaited great book on the IRT and NYC Transit history.!

regards - Joe F


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