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Re: On-Duty Metro-North Conductor Arrested

Posted by Nilet on Sun Aug 13 07:31:06 2017, in response to Re: On-Duty Metro-North Conductor Arrested, posted by Joe V on Sun Aug 13 06:47:38 2017.

Refusing to pay the Metropark fare on the train before NWK may have gotten you greeted by Amtrak Police at NWK, depending on the conductor

Citation needed. Name a case of someone actually being convicted of theft of service for riding an Amtrak train to Newark with a valid ticket to Newark.

but with anyone with an obnoxious, know-it-all attitude, like you, most definitely.

Ah, that's a prime example of SubChat's toxic masculinity honour culture. Since this bizarre culture prescribes a tremendous loss of honour for being wrong about any statement of fact however inconsequential, you find yourself forced to argue a point everyone knows is bullshit in the hope of recovering some of the honour you lost by being wrong.

However, the flip side to this is that correcting someone on a statement of fact, however inconsequential, is by its nature an attackó if I correct you, I am explicitly impugning your honour by saying you were wrong.

Which is why, of all the many kindergarten playground insults you could have shrieked at me, you quickly reached for "obnoxious know-it-all." In context, there's a certain logic to tható the mere fact that I know something you don't is itself obnoxious according to SubChat's ridiculous honour culture, and "know-it-all" is a fitting insult for the person who has corrected you on an issue of fact in a forum where having been wrong about an issue of fact is considered to devalue you as a person.


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