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Upcoming major rehab project on the (L) 14 St-Canarsie Tube, due to Sandy

Posted by Gold_12th on Sun Jan 4 15:31:45 2015

Bids open around March 2015.
Project cost: OVER $50 million

The Canarsie Tunnel consists of 2 tracks (Q1/Q2) of the L subway line between First Ave Station in Manhattan and Bedford Ave Station in Brooklyn.

Super storm Sandy struck New York City on October 29, 2012 and severely flooded the Canarsie Tunnel, especially between the Avenue D Fan Plant/Shaft and North 7th Fan Plant/Shaft.

This project is for the repair and rehabilitation of the Canarsie Tunnel including...
1. Demolition and reconstruction of concrete duct banks

2. Removal and replacement of power and communication cables and equipment

3. Constructions of 2 new underground Circuit Breaker Houses (CBH61 and 62)

4. Replacement of damaged rails and contact rails; reconstruction of damaged mid river pump room and discharge pipes

5. Replacement of damaged signal cables and equipment; and replacement of tunnel lighting cables and fixtures.

The key elements of work are described as follows:
1. Duct banks: Demolition and reconstruction of the inner and outer duct banks from 1st Avenue Station in Manhattan to Bedford Avenue Station in Brooklyn for approximately 30,330 linear feet. Demolition of upper wall ducts (inner wall) between Avenue D shaft in Manhattan and North 7th Shaft in Brooklyn for a total of 6,872 feet.

2. Power System: Removal and replacement of various power cables throughout the tunnel, including negative feeder cables, positive cables, battery cables, control cables, and Tunnel shell protection cables.

3. Communication Systems: Removal and replacement of various communications cables throughout the Tunnel such as 36-strand Fiber Optic Cables (about 50,000 LF), various sizes of Copper Cables (about total: 41,350 LF) and Radio/Antenna Cables (15/8 Radiating Cable and 7/8 Non-Radiating Cable 38,000 LF) on the walls and/or in the duct banks of the Tunnel. Work also includes removal and installation of 40 Emergency Alarm/ Emergency Telephone units to be provided by NYCT and removal and replacement of FDNY sound powered telephone cables and jacks.

4. Circuit Breaker House (CBH) #61 and #62: Removal of existing Circuit Breaker House #61, currently located mid-river in the Canarsie Tunnel, and construction of new CBH #61 at the location adjacent to Emergency Exit 171 below East 14th Street near Ave B in Manhattan. Removal of existing CBH#62 and construction of new CBH#62 at the location adjacent to north end platform of Bedford Avenue Station. For these two CBHS, remove and install positive, battery and control cables; copper buses; control terminal box, RAIC; relay panels, battery switch box, lighting fixtures, heaters, switches and cables; install flood doors.

5. Track: Replace about 5,000 LF of rails between Avenue D and North 7th Vent Shaft (2500 LF on each Track Q1 and Q2. 6. Pump Room # 1035: Complete reconstruction of pump room #1035, including installation of new discharge line between Avenue D shaft in Manhattan and North 7th Shaft in Brooklyn for a total of 6,872 feet

Duration of Contract 40 Months
Probably weekend shutdown due to date of the contract, 3+ years.


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