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Re: Port Authority commish wants new bus terminal, not WTC; 7 train to NJ - not dead yet.

Posted by Olog-hai on Sat Mar 29 11:50:20 2014, in response to Re: Port Authority commish wants new bus terminal, not WTC; 7 train to NJ - not dead yet., posted by Nilet on Sat Mar 29 11:12:48 2014.

The reason for the bankruptcy is that passenger services were losing so much money that the railroads couldn't afford to run them

. . . because the government was subsidizing the competition while piling on regulations that were in enmity with continued passenger operation by the railroads—as well as taxation (including a 10% tax on all passenger tickets; it's written right in the old timetables of the era).

Forgot that private railroads were trying to increase speeds of trains to compete better with the modes that were unfairly competing against them? Apparently, you forget this fact every five seconds. What did you think projects like the ACF Talgo, Train-X and UAC Turbotrain were supposed to do?

Are you aware that every train faster than the Acela is run by a government?

So what? There's no implication that it needs a government to run that fast. In fact, the implication is quite the opposite. Thanks to Germany subsidizing everything in terms of infrastructure, in fact, Deutsche Bahn is losing ground to privately-operated intercity buses.

Too bad you can't take any argument head-on but have to deflect. I guess I'll have to wait for you to grow up before you attempt that.

You know, the CCCT was actually an improvement. One of the advantages of government control was that operations could be streamlined for greater efficiency

No, there's no evidence of that. Especially what with SEPTA now eschewing the Vuchic route system, there's no evidence that any improvement has taken place. Nothing shows any cost/benefit improvement; SEPTA still cries poor-pockets (their GM even threatened to slash RRD service recently, or did you forget that as well?), and service to Reading, Bethlehem, Newtown and Newark (promised to NYC) is still glaringly absent and accusing those that make excuses.

By the way, the termination of diesel service had nothing whatsoever to do with the CCCT

Really? Where is it? Why isn't any running into 30th Street then, or (as an alternative) to the location of the former 24th Street station, which is actually on the Philly side of the Schuylkill?

Railroads were regulated since the earliest days and they were able to make a profit just fine until cars and planes became common enough and fast enough and cheap enough to make a viable alternative to rail travel

False characterization. When railroads were regulated, it was an attack on them by government. Roads apart from toll roads were an exercise in government power; to this day, the interstate system is the largest and most expensive public works project in the country when it didn't need to be built by the government. Even back in the early 20th Century, government favored road over rail, regulating their rates while allowing truckers to charge any rate they pleased. Same goes with passenger fares.

Obviously, Obama does not favour European feudalism; he believes that society ought to be an oligarchy controlled by the rich, he favors the use of torture, perpetual war, and the abolition of privacy as a means of social control, and he opposes any attempt to rein in the unearned power and unearned wealth of the oligarchs as well as any attempt to enforce the citizens' economic rights (i.e., the right to food, health care, and housing). All of those are right-wing ideas

Wrong. They are left-wing ideas. They are not wholly Marxist ideas (more Fabian), but they are very much left wing.

The liberals always imply when accusing one of being "right wing" that such a one is in favor of eliminating the establishment clause of the First Amendment in favor of establishing a state religion.


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