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Witnesses on 3rd rail electrocution (F) at 34 St

Posted by Gold_12TH on Wed Jul 4 19:36:17 2012, in response to 12-9 on (F) at 34 St, posted by Gold_12TH on Mon Jul 2 15:03:45 2012.

Comments from dnainfo.com

Teresa Ting:
I was there before he jumped into the tracks. There was a woman and an mta worker trying to help him get out of the tracks, but he refused and appeared to be crying. He definitely looked intoxicated but suicidal.. Wasn't sure if he fell into the third rail or if he purposely did it, but I could never forget that horrible moment when I saw him being electrocuted live on the spot.. It was absolutely shocking.

I just had to leave the scene.. I was horrified :(

Olivia Benta:
I saw him in tracks that night... half of his left side was laying on top of the third rail. He just layed there burning to death... it was horrifying. There is obviously a deeper story as to why this happened. Its not as if the third rail is close enough to accidently fall onto... not to mention he refused to be helped back up by a woman who was holding his hand.

Isael Perez:
I was on the south bound f train as it pulled into the station. the smell I will soon not forget. I did take a video and it's on you tube. a woman was holding on to his shirt and telling the officer that it was his. smh the officer had more important things to worry about than his shirt. I couldn't understand what happened to his other shoe as well. My opinion was it looks like he was pushed since he was so far from the platform. or it could be he got up and stumbled and fell on the third rail.

Sharif Ray Rivera:
My mother works for mta and she finished working that station and her friend just started working on that station she witnessed the incident as it happened the reason he didnt have a shirt or shoe was because people were trying to keep him from going into the tracks by holding his shirt and he took it off as he fell on the 3rs rail it was so strong it blew his sneaker right off im just tired of my mom telling me when people die in transit just makes me mad and ruins my day

Violetsfavoriteflowers Victoria:
I also saw the guy people were running upstairs .. I witnessed him shacking on the mid rails he appeared alert at the time and afraid he seem to have no control to help himself up..

People were trying to get help. I also ran upstairs for help.. The woman at the booth was calling for help because someone got to her way before me.. A few minutes after people came running screaming and crying including children.. Some said there was fire.. It wasn't clear to me the words.. I hurriered back done with a guy who was really concerned also.. I was so shocked to see the man's neck caught in the third rail and smoke... I was in tears myself.. His face was like that of a baby.. Eyes closed no movement.. A cop was radioing for more help... EMS got there they were fighting to get him out of the rail.. I caught some of it on tap too! The sadist thing you could ever see.the saddest thing. Where is family who was he

MrOshun Gold:
April I was on the D train, way after it happened. I saw a police man screaming over the radio to shut power off as the F train was coming. I felt so sorry for the guy, but did not understand why he was without one sneaker and shirtless and why would he fall so far into the third rail. God rest his soul.


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