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Re: A Historical Hudson Line Question

Posted by SelkirkTMO on Mon May 14 01:46:46 2012, in response to Re: A Historical Hudson Line Question, posted by Jackson Park B Train on Mon May 14 01:32:17 2012.

Ah yes! Let's add stray voltage. And trolley poles (back on topic!) to the mix. Now we have electrolysis turning various metals into diodes in the path. Huzzah! :)

A couple of years after I gave up on the idiots I had to serve in Gubbamint (Paturkey, D'Amato) and decided to start a software company where I actually had RESULTS at the end of the day instead of smelling like sausage, I was down in White Plains visiting in-laws during a lightning storm down there. We were well lubricated when the storm hit the neighborhood.

Living upstate, close by lightning sounds JUST like a gun shot. Heard same, went "whew! That was close." About 30 seconds later, smelled *SMOKE* ... *SAW* smoke coming up from the basement. Oh shit! :(

Called the fire department and got everybody out. No flames. Whew!

FD arrived, heavy smoke in the basement. No flames. Turns out that lightning hit the weatherhead. Power was out of course, cabinet was OK. Turns out that the water meter ate it along with what looked like some melted TV antenna twinlead that was wrapped around the water meter.

I went APESHIT and bitched out the cable company to the PSC over it.

They still didn't amend the rules until a year or three later when all over downstate, Verizon was hooking up FiOS ... a *LOT* of buildings burned when FiOS went in and PSC finally fined them over it. They chose the GAS meter to wrap their wire around, not even BOTHERING to ground their boxes.

Yep ... ordinary 28 gauge twisted pair D station wire to the freaking PLASTIC GAS meter. That's what burned down all those houses. :(


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