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Re: Racist assault on Washington Metro

Posted by Edwards! on Thu May 3 16:25:53 2012, in response to Re: Racist assault on Washington Metro, posted by orange blossom special on Thu May 3 07:56:18 2012.

..this is an excellent example of how foolish you red necks really are...you are the most backward thinking,"awh shucks" talking,rock kicking ,whining about bullshit bunch of "American despair" I've ever had the displeasure of knowing..

If i'm out spoken..and I stand up for myself and my people..that makes ME a "black supremist"..
If i speak in a langueage you can't understand,whether it be "hood" or spanish..that makes me alien..
If I walk in a fucking neighborhood predominantly white..you get swirly and call the police..

Yet you can move into my neighborhood..shop at my stores ..open clubs that stay open to the wee hours of the morning with patron pissing by the curb of our cars..and we welcome you still..instead of murdering every last one of you..yet We are the racist.

"Be useful for once for the greater good"..
Is that right..? For years..i've preformed a public service..in my community..helping my fellows regardless of what color they were.
For years,as a PROFESSIONAL..MY JOB took me all over the East Coast AND CANADA,deal with the general public..all the while following my passion for creative writing..art and several other worthwhile projects..

For YEARS..I'VE done more to enhance the life of "my people",by telling them THE TRUTH rather than cater to bullshit lies that IM sure you would tell them..ALWAYS suggesting there is a better way than resorting to any violence..

perhaps that a little too much for you to comprehend all at once..since you seem to know me so well..but just so you know..Ive done more in my short life than you will when you take your last breath..
so ..from the bottom of this "black supremacist" heart..eat crap and die a lonesome death.


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