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Re: J train extended to Bay Parkway?

Posted by Michael549 on Sat Apr 16 15:38:17 2011, in response to Re: J train extended to Bay Parkway?, posted by Chris R16/R2730 on Sat Apr 16 10:26:57 2011.

I am getting confused - yes, it happens. I'm gonna parse your recent message, and point out where I'm getting confused. I'm gonna try to put all of your statements in italics, and mine in regular type. I hope this works.

Statement A:
(/i)Basically, all southbound AM Z trains would run to Bay Parkway (leaving Broad St between 7:45 and 8:40). (/i)

I believe that you to mean am rush hour Z-trains out of Jamaica Center would be heading to Bay Parkway. If that is the case would not those same 6 Z-trains be headed in the wrong direction for the West End line? I thought that the West End line needs am rush hour north-bound service toward Manhattan, since that is where the heavy traffic is bound.

Statement B:

(/i)These 6 trains would lay up at CI and run north from Bay Parkway starting sometime after 4 PM (arriving at Broad at the same time current Z trains are scheduled to depart for JC). (/i)

If those same 6 Z-trains started their trip to Jamaica Center - yes, that would help folks bound for Jamaica, Queens. Those same 6 Z-trains would not be helping those folks headed south-bound along the West End line - it is opposite directions.

Statement C:

(/i)Northbound, these 6 Z trains would leave Bay Parkway between 7:10 and 8:10ish, running all the way to Broadway Junction, where they would lay up for the afternoon. (/i)

If that is the case, it seems similar to something that I proposed a few messages up in the stream. Why just have those trains stored at Coney Island in the mornings - to start the north-bound trek? Then in the afternoon, have those same trains leave Broadway Junction toward Bay Parkway on the south-bound trek, where at Bay Parkway they again get stored again for the next morning rush hour?

Maybe the those trains are making one trip each, where for example a train, say the Z-train 7:10am out of Bay Parkway makes all local stops along West End, 4th Avenue, Nassau Street, Brooklyn-Broadway to Eastern Parkway, and then goes out of service. The train is stored at the train yard, and the crew leaves the train for another assignment. The 7:20am Z-tran out of Bay Parkway does the same exact thing, and so on for each of the other 6 Z-trains. In the afternoon, each train is brought back into service with a crew, and that train makes one all local trip to Bay Parkway, where the train again goes out of service, and the crew is given another assignment. Thus each "special Z-train" only makes one trip in one direction, north-bound in the morning, and south-bounding the evening. Easy, simple, no fuss, no muss.

Statement D:

(/i)In the PM, these Z trains would be put in from here and run down to Bay Parkway. (/i)

If Statement C is the basic essence of the service, then Statements A and B are simply not needed - unless I'm missing something. That can happen, please help me to understand.

Statement E:

(/i)In essence, they would simply do the same thing they do now, only with 6 added trains and crews. (/i)

I'm lost, I don't understand.

Statement F:

(/i)I know there's a risk of a service delay on any Z coming from southern Brooklyn clusterfucking skip-stop service to Jamaica, but that's a relatively minor one which can be smoothed over by having J trains make all stops in case that happens. (/i)

Since the Bay Parkway trains are headed in the opposite directions for service, compared to the Jamaica Center bound J and C trains - how does a problem with say 4th Avenue cause a problem for J or Z trains headed in the opposite direction that originate at Broad Street? If there is a problem with 4th Avenue, those Z-trains headed to Broadway Junction and the train yard simply get there late, they will get laided up for the afternoon rush hour. The Z-trains headed to Bay Parkway in the evening rush hour, if there is a problem along 4th Avenue simply get to Bay Parkway late, they still go out of service and to the train yard from there. How does that affect Jamaica Queens bound evening rush hour trains?

Statement G:

(/i)To reduce the chances of service disruptions in southern Brooklyn, I could see these Z trains running light to 9th Ave from Bay Parkway on the express tracks and then going into service there, so that any problem on the D would not mess with the Z. (/i)

Given what I've suggested before, I'd don't see how this is needed? Help me out here. As I said before, I dont know much about train sets or car series. Just guessing here, but why not use the R42"s for such a simple one-trip service since they are on their last legs anyway? That would make them different on sight, compared to the regular J and Z trains that travel to/from Jamaica Center and Broad Street - would it not? I don't know, just a guess.



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