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Re: Egypt Revolts! Looks like we have more Military Rule, not Democracy

Posted by ClearAspect on Wed Jun 20 06:52:27 2012, in response to Re: Egypt Revolts! Looks like we have more Military Rule, not Democracy, posted by WMATAGMOAGH on Wed Jun 20 02:58:52 2012.

Iran hasn't fired a nuclear warhead in Israel's direction because it doesn't have any yet. Rational action in the eyes of religious fanatics isn't usually rational in the eyes of others, and plenty of people are willing to put themselves in harm's way to do what they consider to be "right." You seem to be ignoring that possibility because as the case often seems to be, you don't acknowledge that other people don't share your viewpoints and/or you don't recognize the realities on the ground or that others may not see things the way you do.

Really? Its been the 70s and Iran hasn't attacked Israel... and they know that Israel has nukes, Iran wouldn't use Nukes in a first strike because it would be suicidal, they would likely use it as a deterrent to prevent Israel from attacking it in the first place since Israel is keen on using a quick first strike capability, a nuclear deterrent would basically say "you attack us, tel avid ceases to exist" and it would be counter to what they want since likely any nuclear attack would have radiation fallout that would affect people in Palestinian Territories, Syria, Jordan, Egypt as well. Once again I stress, common sense trumps fear. You're scared of an attack that hasn't happened in over 30 years.

I can say the doomsday scenario won't happen because it didn't happen with Iran... if it doesn't happen with a nation with a clear military and weapon capability then what would make a poor nation with barely a pulse want to pursue a war? To distract people? That's a horrible theory. Unrealistic... as for that quote that I posted that was from your article... so obviously I read it. Obviously you didn't...

Your fear is so overreaching that the decisions lack proper common sense.


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