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Media covers up spike in b-on-w crime

Posted by Olog-hai on Tue May 15 23:34:49 2012


Spike in black on white crime covered up by media

By Anthony Martin
May 15, 2012
Those who depend solely on the mainstream media for their news might be surprised to know that there has been a major spike in racial crime in America this year.

Media observers state that when it comes to news reports on the subject, citizens are rarely informed of the seriousness of the racial tension, except when it is a certain type of racial tension.

When whites attack blacks the media is quick to report it. But according to national columnist Thomas Sowell, when blacks attack whites, somehow those particular news stories never see the light of day.

Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly has been hammering away for weeks on a story out of Norfolk, Virginia where two white newspaper reporters were accosted and beaten by a gang of black youths. The reporters were beaten so badly that they were forced to take a week off from work. Their newspaper, the Virginian-Pilot, would not as much as mention the incident.

Instead, when O'Reilly pressed the newspaper on its lack of coverage its editors began to attack O'Reilly.

Sowell maintains that the Norfolk incident is just one of dozens of similar crimes that are occurring all across America in increasing numbers. In Philadelphia, Denver, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Chicago, and New York, the same scenario plays out. Whites are attacked by blacks, and the local police and media attempt to keep it hidden from the public.

One such incident occurred in Milwaukee. According to Sowell,
...an attack on whites at a public park a few years ago left many of the victims battered to the ground and bloody. But, when the police arrived on the scene, it became clear that the authorities wanted to keep this quiet.

One 22-year-old woman who had been robbed of her cell phone and debit card, and had blood streaming down her face, said:

"About 20 of us stayed to give statements and make sure everyone was accounted for. The police wouldn't listen to us; they wouldn't take our names or statements. They told us to leave. It was completely infuriating."
Further, Sowell says that for years Asian American school students in New York have been roughed up by blacks, yet the media has yet to report any of these incidents.

However, when the situation is reversed and a black person is beaten or killed by a white, the media pounces on it like a tiger on red meat, and nationally known personalities such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are quick stir up the racial theme, inciting hatred, all of which is gladly reported, pumped, and primed by every mainstream media outlet in the nation.

The problem that Sowell sees in all of this is not only that the media covers up certain pertinent facts that the public needs to know but that a racial war in America is clearly underway, and most citizens are completely unaware of it.

Conservatives have routinely noted that Barack Obama regularly engages in inflammatory rhetoric aimed at inciting class envy and racial tension. This, too, is never reported by the mainstream media.

Perhaps this is one of the main factors driving plummeting newspaper readership and television news viewership, both of which have declined by multimillions over the past few years.


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