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Re: JP Morgan Chase Execs Vaporize $2B

Posted by Charles G on Tue May 15 07:32:36 2012, in response to Re: JP Morgan Chase Execs Vaporize $2B, posted by Fred G on Tue May 15 07:12:13 2012.

I discussed Gramm-Leach (or, more specfically the reinstitution of some of the Glass-Steagal provisions) with Stephen elsewhere in the thread.

His initial post was a crock of lies.

He then responded to Chris claiming it was the GOP that had created the situation that led to this.

Stephen pointed out to him that it was a Democratic president that had signed the law, and he claimed that Clinton had been duped.

It has now been pointed out that the legislation was fully bipartisan.

People believe the bullshit that guys like this post because they want to believe that it is true. It is no different than those on the other side who believe President Obama is sneaking Rev. Wright into the White House after dark to share a meal of Sauteed Dog and plot the downfall of the white man. They believe it because they want to believe it. More and more people, it seems, are making their political judgments this way -- 20 years ago there were fringes of both political parties that believed the other party was wrong on everything and had evil intentions. This has grown on both sides to be far more than fringe elements.

They want to believe it makes things easier. You can just demonize the other guy, claim they are both evil and stupid and as a result the party you support must have the better mousetrap.

It's far easier than digging in and really understanding where we are, how we got there, and most importantly how we move forward. Because that would involve recognition that your guys, my guys, and everyone else's guys made some colossal blunders along the way.

The fact is that it isn't easy. There is no politically expedient solution that is going to please 99% (or 90% or even 50% or probably 20%) of the electorate. If the U.S. gets to the point where political decisions are made based on the idea that one party is evil and therefore whatever bullshit the other party comes up with is the right solution, then, well, we're all fucked.


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