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Re: Canada Eliminates Penny

Posted by AEM-7AC #901 on Fri Mar 30 16:09:00 2012, in response to Re: Canada Eliminates Penny, posted by gp38/r42 chris on Fri Mar 30 15:17:26 2012.

The scary thing is responsible people hold off having kids as they cant afford 'another' yet irresponsible people keep having tbem because everyone else will pay for them.

One can break up the irresponsible people into different groups. Some are just overly impulsive due to low IQ and poor conscientiousness and other emotional and mental issues, and thus think only in terms of the short-term benefits of sex or the desire to feel "loved" by a baby, not the long-term consequences. Others are people who milk the system in an attempt to live a comfortable, yet lower class lifestyle. Sure they're getting all sorts of crazy hand-outs, but would you really want to live their lifestyle on those wages? And there are some who do fall into welfare use due to employment loss or disability.

FWIW, welfare reform during the 1990s basically destroyed the old meme of women having five or six kids to milk the government for checks, and it's been swapped for the meme of a single mother with at most one or two children from one or two different fathers respectively due from short to medium term relationships. If we take away all support from these women, you may see less children, but we've done most of the easy part already. The most that we can get away with is free or subsidized abortions, and that's illegal with federal dollars, and nearly impossible with state dollars in most states. Sterilization is just a political nightmare that makes abortion debates look polite, and it remains to be seen if there's a market for adopting low IQ babies in the US, especially black and Hispanic ones, so we're left with kids who will need support via expensive foster care or orphanages and group homes. Hoping and praying that low IQ people don't have sex and have children is downright futile and naive, and unless we're willing to let them starve, we're going to intervene and any intervention is going to cost money.


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