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Re: GOP Super Tuesday: LOLwut?

Posted by JayMan on Tue Feb 28 12:51:40 2012, in response to Re: GOP Super Tuesday: LOLwut?, posted by bingbong on Tue Feb 28 12:21:17 2012.

Same here. Plus it'll be a whole lot more fun with man on dog instead of dog on car.

It'll be an entertainment bonanza if Santorum is the nominee! That chance might convince me to start praying.

As to the gas thing,people need to comprehend that we now have 4 major economies (Europe, China,India, USA) competing for the available resources. Once they get the issues WRT XL straight, that will do nothing since the oil will go to China since they're willing to pay more for it.

Hehe you have too much faith in the people. The people like punish whoever is in office, regardless of party, when the economy is sour (read: when their personal economy is sour). High gas doesn't help with that, and that alone may be enough to sway some voters away from Obama, sadly.

The best bet for the time being is natural gas heating

Which means more fracking, though...

and fuel efficient hybrid vehicles

Tesla is the dark horse. If they can pump out a decent, roomy car in their projected $30,000 range as planned with the Bluestar, they will see a lot of sales, even with the battery/charging limitations being what they are at the moment. Once they get the Bluestar on showroom floors, they need to get a push for more high-voltage/high-current charging stations installed in more places.

along with a LOT of investment in alternative energy.

Nuclear is the way to go in the long-term (with perhaps solar in the very long-term). All the generation IV designs mitigate the problems that currently plague nuclear plants, particularly meltdown and radioactive waste, but without more approval and construction of new reactors, we may never get there.


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