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Re: Wealthy Banker Leaves 1% Tip and Writes Insult on Receipt. Ignites Class Warfare

Posted by GP38/R42 Chris on Mon Feb 27 21:27:19 2012, in response to Re: Wealthy Banker Leaves 1% Tip and Writes Insult on Receipt. Ignites Class Warfare, posted by streetcarman1 on Mon Feb 27 20:40:01 2012.


What's even more HYSTERICAL is why you were so desperate to "just hope" the nonsensical story was real, just hoping to make it political!! LOL!!!


You sure made a fool out of yourself, and worse blaming those who were cautious about this!!:

The restaurant receipt that a California banker purportedly used to denigrate a waitress--while also leaving her a one percent tip--was wildly “altered and exaggerated,” according to a spokesperson for the Newport Beach restaurant where the businessman supposedly dined earlier this month.

A photo of the receipt (seen at right) has gone viral in the past few days, fueled by a back story claiming that the measly tip was the imperious financier’s way of provoking a member of the lowly “99%” who was not sufficiently solicitous. The claim about the tip--and a photo of the receipt--first appeared last week on a blog that is now offline (along with a related Twitter account).

In fact, a spokesperson for True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach told TSG that the eatery was able to locate the actual “merchant copy” of the February 16 credit card receipt and it reveals that the online version has been Photoshopped.

In response to e-mailed questions, spokesperson Jami Reagan reported that the original receipt does not contain the notation “Get A Real Job.” Nor does it have an arrow pointing to those words from the “Tip” line. (The thing that tipped off me before even finding out for sure it was fake)

The amount on the actual receipt is $33.54, Reagan said, not $133.54 as seen on the altered receipt. And while the tip on the online receipt claims that the server was left $1.33 (or one percent of the bill), the actual tip was more than $7 on the $33.54 tab.

The “Future Ex Banker” blog, now AWOL, claimed to be authored by someone who worked in “the corporate office of a major bank for a boss who represents everything wrong with the financial industry: blatant disregard and outright contempt for everyone and everything he deems beneath him. On top of that, he’s a complete and utter tool.”

Gilding the lily, the anonymous blogger also noted, “Mention the ‘99%’ in my boss’ presence and feel his wrath. So proudly does he wear his 1% badge of honor that he tips exactly 1% every time he feels the server doesn’t sufficiently bow down to his Holiness. Oh, and he always makes sure to include a ‘tip’ of his own.”


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