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Re: ESPN Fires Editor, Suspends Anchor (Was: Racist ESPN headline)

Posted by SelkirkTMO on Sun Feb 19 19:06:36 2012, in response to Re: ESPN Fires Editor, Suspends Anchor (Was: Racist ESPN headline), posted by italianstallion on Sun Feb 19 18:51:11 2012.

I'm glad that the only live television I ever did was news, and I had a script to read. It's a lot harder when you have to ad lib everything except for what's on your stats sheet. I know the pressure of live TV and the need to motormouth when the camera is on you and all you have to draw on as something goes down in your face is your collection of phrases. Seriously no time to think, you gotta keep the patter going lest you pull that "duh" on camera that ends your career on a scale of ESPN.

I looked at the piece in question and if you're trying to be clever, there's always that second of pause as you mentally search for the right pun. I noted that as the words slipped past his lips that there was absolutely no pause, and to me that was the giveaway that it was a mindless automatic phrase out of him there. The words were clearly not intentional on his part because the flow was not halted by a conscious choice of words to string along.

The writer and the editor though cannot get such a pass simply on the basis that they have at least a whole minute without similar pressure to choose their words, reread what they wrote for a spell check's worth at least before posting. Whether it occurred to them or not, print is a conscious choice and the words should have been considered at least. Live TV is one thing, editorial content is another. That is supposed to be properly considered.

That all said, "chink in the armor" isn't a racist phrase at all, the "chink" has an entirely different meaning than slipping in the "n-word" which has no alternate meanings. It's kinda sad that there are hypersensitive people out there who will find a cause to get pissed off about something that sounds LIKE an offensive word but has another meaning entirely. But as far as blame being assigned here, it's pretty clear to me what happened. Those who haven't had their face on camera in a high pressure situation may not have known how that side of it works.


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