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Re: Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalise

Posted by orange blossom special on Wed Aug 10 23:10:44 2011, in response to Re: Years of liberal dogma have spawned a generation of amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalise, posted by JayMan on Wed Aug 10 21:03:55 2011.

I had actually had that section excepted in my original post! but then seeing that the article is a good 10 pages long, I didn't want to have people focus on only one spot of it all so I deleted it.

I enjoy your posts a lot even though I always have a point I disagree with. One doesn't find anyone interested in ethnology nowadays, there are a lot of interesting books written on the subject over 100 years ago.
But I do disagree on a point, I don't know if most of the rioters are actually Black in this case, England does have a problem with their culture getting completely decimated. The British Culture is sterotypical, ever see the old shows, movies, books, Mary Poppins? It looks to be gone.
As to what is more to blame, that everyone is supposed to be a single mother, there's no retribution of being punished, or there's no more rich and nannies? Or is it the minority culture?
I had an argument online somewhere once with a group of English, someone said something regarding not minding to pay a little bit more in taxes to support a single mother. This sounds nice and all if it's not a common thing, unfortunate things happen, why not? But when more than half of your population are single mothers, it's not an unfortunate thing anymore, it's more of a common issue. I point out that I can't even support myself, why should I pay for everyone elses lifestyle choices. In my favorite English fashion, I was called "facist". :) I love all things English, but I don't think they are necessarily English anymore if it's going to be all booze and teenage pregnancy and rioting.

I wonder what the Muslims are doing at the moment in their zones or if it had been touched also. I haven't seen anything on that.


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