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Netherlands looking to ban Schechita (Kosher) slaughter (and some Halal)

Posted by Olog-hai on Wed Jun 29 03:20:40 2011

They're cloaking the antisemitism under "animal rights".

As for Halal, 80 percent of animals so slaughtered are stunned, so it's the 20 percent that aren't that they'll pursue, if the vote goes through.

Daily Telegraph

Dutch government to vote on banning ritual slaughter of animals

By Bruno Waterfield
7:00AM BST 28 Jun 2011
The Dutch parliament is to vote on Tuesday on banning ritual slaughter — animal rights legislation that has been compared to the Nazis by the country’s Jewish religious leader.

The prohibition against Jewish Kosher or Muslim Halal meat from animals slaughtered by having their throats cut before being stunned is expected to be passed.

While up to 80 percent of halal meat is from stunned animals, the Jewish Shechita method of slaughter never involves involve stunning and will become illegal under Dutch law.

Binyomin Jacobs, the Dutch Chief Rabbi, has compared the ban to the anti-Semitic laws enacted by a collaborationist government during the Second World War Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

“One of the first measures taken during the occupation was the closing of kosher abattoirs,” he said.

Jewish and Muslim groups have tried to persuade Dutch MPs earlier that the ban would constitute a fundamental attack on the freedom to practice their faiths.

Jonathan Sacks, Britain’s Chief Rabbi, joined the campaign to stop the ban last week amid Jewish fears that pressure to ban ritual slaughter is growing across the EU.

“If pre-stunning were made compulsory under Dutch law, Jews would be unable to practice a central element of Jewish life which has been continuously practiced for over 3,000 years,” he said.

“We are worried that it could spread. There has been a non-stop campaign by animal welfare activists to have all forms of ritual slaughter banned. It has to be fought everywhere, because if it’s lost anywhere, it has a potential domino effect.”

Esther Ouwehand, an MP for the Dutch animal rights party, has insisted that the ban is needed to prevent the suffering of two million animals, mainly sheep and chickens, that are killed by ritual slaughter every year in the Netherlands.

“The animals suffer more and are more distressed if they are not stunned. By getting this modification in the law, we hope to inspire other countries,” she said.


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