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Re: Drugs and Guns...would you like to hear my thoughts?...

Posted by tracksionmotor on Sun Oct 23 21:48:36 2005, in response to Re: Drugs and Guns...would you like to hear my thoughts?..., posted by SelkirkTMO on Fri Oct 21 23:05:14 2005.

Cows. Cows? I hate them stinking cows and horsies too. Responsible owners MUST paint animal butts with nomenclature: cow, horse, goat, llama, alpaca. We're in RUT and deer are running wild. I don't need no stinkin slob hunters about, especially those 'RAMBO types' in camoflauge carrying compound bows with razor points on arrows or high-tech bolt action rifled barrel percussion guns. My property is my property and if an asshole wounds a deer illegally hunted on adjacent property, does he have the right to enter mine with a loaded weapon without my knowledge or permission? I paid dearly to protect my rights against ADVERSE POSSESION. Box of 12 gauge #4 shot is on the end table...25 rounds....maggies are in the ammo for Mossberg 500ATP
backed up by Winchester 70 in 30.06 and original Ruger 1976 Mini-14 in 0.223. Freedom, like FAITH, is something to be maintained by the citizen, especially where ther is no police.

I see no reason why I cannot posses and use a Barret Light Fiftey
M82A1 except for the cost of ammunition. I am a court recognised firearms expert and a skilled armorer/reloader. Last year, the assholes shot a horse and left the scene. SLOB HUNTER. I know first hand incidents that make SCHUMER and CLINTON look 'bright.'

People die as a result of bad motor vehicle operators. Accidental
injuries and deaths from firearms are usually a result of illegal
possesion and use. I have seen no call for FEDERAL motor vehicle licensing...yet.


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