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Re: Arrest made in murder of witness in Amber Guyger murder trial

Posted by JayZeeBMT on Wed Oct 9 17:23:51 2019, in response to Re: Arrest made in murder of witness in Amber Guyger murder trial, posted by Easy on Wed Oct 9 07:38:29 2019.

From The Root, which pokes some holes in the cops' story about Brown's killing. The DPD's version of events makes no sense:

"First of all, who is crossing state lines and taking penitentiary chances to buy weed from a dude who was just all over the news for testifying in a high profile trial of a white cop charged with murdering an innocent black man? You know that guy is HOT as fuck. Why would you do that?

For that matter, what dude who just testified in a high profile trial of a white cop charged with murdering an innocent black man is going to just casually open up shop to sell weed? That guy knows heís hot.

Listen. I know people pack up cars and transport dope back and forth across state lines all the time. They do it with hundreds of keys. It happens, and thatís how your dope man gets his dopeóif you have a dope man, that is.

But thatís not what weíre talking about here. In this instance, we are talking about a couple pounds of weed. These dudes allegedly were making a nine-hour round trip car ride for a couple pounds...of weed?

But OK, fine. Letís say they were willing to do that. They get there and the dude is prepared to serve them in the parking lot of his apartment complex.

Really? Was it these guys' first time selling and/or buying drugs before? Because what part of the game is that? Who is selling pounds of weed in the fucking parking lot of where they live?

For that matter, what dude who is pushing weight is dealing directly out of his own home? Where they do that at? Please tell me so I can rob them because that is exactly why no one pushing weight sells directly out of their own home. Are you crazy?

But OK. We are at Brownís house, he is prepared to sell the weed but gets into an argument instead that turns into a physical altercation, and in the aftermath, he pulls out a gun and shoots one of the three men who are there to purchase from him.

Like I said, this story is so out there, I donít think it was thought all the way through. I donít believe it, and many others donít believe it either.

Itís also hard to believe that his part-time drug dealerís career wasnít revealed during the trial. Theoretically, both the defense and the prosecution have investigators in their offices. Neither side was able to dig up this information on a potential witness?

You know what this story does do, however?

It assassinates his character. It calls his character and his testimony into question. It sets up Amber Guyger for a retrial, and it creates an impression of Brown in the minds of any future jurors. The idea that he was some inept drug dealer who got himself killed makes it easier to discredit what he had to say on the stand.


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