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Re: AOC plays the race card

Posted by Henry R32 #3730 on Sun Aug 25 23:15:19 2019, in response to Re: AOC plays the race card, posted by Kevin from Midwood on Sun Aug 25 19:16:47 2019.

I know all about Facebook's protections against ousting Zuck, but the shareholders are actively trying to get that changed.

In any event here's the problem - social media needs members to be viable. Even Google couldn't prop up a competitor for Facebook despite shoving it down their existing users throats. What happens with bans is the vast majority of users of the old platform are unaffected, so only the banned users move to the new platform. You also have complaints that the upstart free-speech alternatives are infested with alt-right neo-nazis. I mean, they are, but that's because they were the first ones banned from mainstream sites. There's also reasonable people who were banned from mainstream for frivolous or questionable reasons, and people mirroring their mainstream content onto the alternative sites. But for the most part no one who has yet to be "cast out of heaven" dares tread there, because a noticeable amount of content is objectionable.

YouTube's top competitor in the "anyone can upload anything legal that's not porn" realm is BitChute, with the most popular channel only having 60,000 subscribers. On YouTube random cat video channels can reach 60k subscribers in about 3 months.

Twitter's alternative, Gab, is hamstrung by being banned from all official phone app stores. Having to sideload an app is a non-starter for many potential customers. They've resorted to having quasi-official bots repost popular twitter feeds just to have some activity for people to comment on.

Tumblr's main reason for banning porn was because it was being banned from the Apple store. Chain reaction of banning all around.

Reddit's alternative Voat barely has any content. People are still posting on Reddit, they're just censoring themselves.

FWIW the current competitor list is as follows:
Facebook -> Minds.com (US)
YouTube -> BitChute (UK)
Twitter -> Gab (Philly, PA)
Reddit -> Voat.co (Switzerland)

And three service alternatives:
Google Search -> DuckDuckGo (Paoli, PA)
Patreon -> SubscribeStar (Russia)
Gmail -> Proton Mail (or just use your ISP)


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