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Given the choice between Castro, Khomeini, and Trump, the last is the worst of the three.

Posted by Scrabbleship on Wed Aug 8 18:23:53 2018

I've heard a lot of rhetoric lately about how the US is on a path to its own doom and the two examples that come up are that the 2010s US are on the same route as 1950s Cuba and 1970s Iran. And the more I think about it, the more I think that as much as the US has demonized what came out of those Revolutions that what the US is going through is far, far worse.

Castro and Khomeini at least brought healthcare to their people, improved access to literacy and education, made human development strides, and for the average person who was suffering under Bautista/the Shah gave them sort of breadcrumbs. This is better than what Trump and the Republicans are capable of doing as they are breeding tyranny without any sort of concessions to the common person.

Did people die? Yes. But given the chance the GOP would want liberals to be put down if they could get away with it and one sympathetic to the Cuban and Iranian revolutions could see that the dying that happened was akin to expelling a body of disease instead of letting the disease get worse as the current US regime is doing.

Did Castro and Khomeini do unnecessarily harsh things? Yes. Holding Cubans hostage on an island was/is wrong and mandatory hijabs is also wrong. At the same time, what the GOP and Trump are doing in the US are just as bad and may get much worse.

By the way, if you voted for Trump:

1: You are a monster.
2: You are a piece of shit.
3: You should be divorced of all you have.
4: You should lose your sufferage.
5: You hate women.
6: You hate non-white people.
7: You hate non-Christians less compliant Jews
8: You hate the LGBTQ community.
9: You should be grabbed by the pussy (or dick).
10: All America is going through is ALL YOUR FAULT.


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