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Re: I hope this low-income housing project fvcks with liberals

Posted by Nilet on Thu Apr 10 12:42:16 2014, in response to Re: I hope this low-income housing project fvcks with liberals, posted by Edwards! on Thu Apr 10 07:33:37 2014.

Like all humanist/atheist..you NEED to PROVE he DOESN'T exist.

That's just not how it works. If you assert that an entity exists, you are obliged to prove it; you can't demand other people prove it doesn't.

I,on the other hand,see no reason to since his "handiwork" is all around us.

OK, you got me. I created the universe. I wasn't going to admit it, but as you noted, my handiwork is all around us.

As your creator, I expect you to praise me by posting: "All hail Nilet (and all of its affiliates and subsidiaries). May its stock price never drop below 65/ in open trading."

the fact that we are multifaceted creatures,operating on multiple levels of existence,both inside on a quantum level and out tells me all I need to know.the FACT that YOU cannot understand this,and and rely on SCIENCE to define YOU..

OK, let me dissect this bit here.

(a) The term "multiple levels of existence" is undefined.

(b) Flagrant misuse of the word "quantum."

(c) Declaration that I "can't understand this." Well it would help if you would define your terms.

(d) Declaring I "rely on science to define me," which is not a particularly clear statement; I know you're not big on defining terms but you might want to explain what that means too.

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